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Gyft – They Just Don’t Know


Slept on Memphis rap artist, Gyft, winner of K97’s Next Big Thing Showcase, in track “They Just Don’t Know.”

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  1. I heard it on the radio and was amazed @ the song…itz da s--t and yall know it……WHERE CAN WE DOWNLOAD IT………MY FRIENDS ARE ASKING ME RYT NOW.!.!

  2. OMG i LOVE this song i\’m from the M & we need more rappers like u to put us on the map….u have NO CLUE i searched for this song for 2days i got on ALL my friends nerves & txted everyone in my phone asking who song is that i was like \”what the french\” i have to download it ASAP…anywho Congrats i know u will go far in the music business


  3. Man i\’m from the Chi and live in memphis now so i\’m not real big about the south rappers i don\’t like listen to memphis radio but i heard this i was shocked man you nice the best i heard in memphis honestly so far man hope your career goes far good wishes man keep going

  4. i hears this song the other day when i was driving in the car! its hella bumpin and i love it! this needs to b like the memphis anthem or somethin real talk! and i just downloaded it off limewire for yall that are lookin for it

  5. wow, i really like this. i’m really into sampling, and this is a good one (jimi/earl king). keep up the good work and congrats!

  6. I’m in Memphis and when I heard this I was like, THIS IS SOME HOTSHYT!!!!! The industry needs so realness like this….can’t wait for tha cd to drop!!!

  7. You know you gotta be good if people are comparing you to Jay-Z. Keep bringing the fire on the mic and represent for the south!!!

  8. Down here in Memphis for work, heard this and was hooked. I need to bring this back North with me, and spread “The Gyft” country wide. Get this on ITunes now!

  9. This is INSANE!!!!! Seriously- you need 2 find a way for people to download the single for $1 or more…. it is ridiculous….i would like to make it my profile song on myspace… good job- seriously

  10. I was able to hear K97 driving through HollySprings MS, heard this song by Gyft, called They Just Don’t Know. I need to buy it. I got home hit the internet, I need it, I like old swing/club music with new style Thats a Hit.

  11. my momma love son love it.. we are lovin ths song…REP MEMPHIS ..LUV YA… C U ON BET,MTV, EVERYWUR…MUCH SUCCESS

  12. Me and my coworkers heard this on our lunch…..TOO HOT…we came straight back to work to find it! I need this on my phone and IPOD!

  13. I went to the show case when he won the dill this joint was killin in the spot. The crowd went wild I would most def have this on the ipod when i get my hands on it

  14. I love this song, I heard it in Level II and on the radio in Memphis this past weekend!! I live in Jackson, MS & they a lil slow, but I hope they catch on to this song really soon!!!

  15. Man, I love this song. The beat is for real. I want to download it to my phone and mp3. You are what’s up!!

  16. this is hot!!!i can’t wait til he blows up!!!it won’t be long next big thing.i love the woman’s voice.this is how music used to be.

  17. We heard this a few weeks ago while visiting Memphis. My mom( Senior Citizen) is going mad to get this! We really Love it! Do whatcha Do,I ain’t mad atcha! Go head on Memphis!!!

  18. This by far is the hottest thing on the radio right now! Tha hook is ridiculous, so sick & tha track, hot 2 def!!!! Ready for more from Gyft…true southern sounds representa.

  19. i heard this on K.97 (i liv in Southaven which is local 2 the radio station) & it took me 2 days 2 find this online! this so go hard as hell!! EVERY BDY SHULD BE BUMPIN THIS!

  20. This dude is really like the next big thing to come outta tha M and to to tell you the truth he may even be bigger than other rappers to come outta of Memphis. I heard some more tracks that he got and his music is just not music that people down south would like but people everywhere would like. All I can say is I’m ready to hear some more from Gyft.

  21. This song is really HOT!!!!Its different and it really relates to how me and others think and feel.People see me and they just don’t know.He can keep during wat he do best and keep makeing that motivation music.

  22. this is what you call “music”….my mom even like this and she never likes anything. Congrats and good luck and where can i get this song downloaded from? because moms is trippin…lol

  23. I like this! Nice clean beat! I need this for my ipod. Best wishes for this guy! He looks like the little brother of a former classmate, hummmmm……… ;-)

  24. I just wanted you to know that I stay in Cali and I was listening to this station online and I heard this song, went home to download it and you wasnt on there so I googled you….long story short, didnt know that you was local memphis kat ;-) you seem to be star-status thats wasup.., so on some real s--t….I think you need to be in every ones ear!!! I know this goes super-hard in the club!!!


    I love it..LOL..!!!! Congrats!!!

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