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Natural Talent, Natural Beauty. The exclusive interview with Memphis model, Amie

Model Amie MichelWhassup Amie. Ok, first I’d like to say feel free to be yourself because our readers are interested in the real thoughts of Amie Michel and feel free to be speak yo mind because I won’t censor anything, unless you wish me too :)

Ok, I guess first everyone would like to know is Memphis your hometown?

No, Memphis is not my hometown, I have only been in Memphis for two years.

How do you like the city? And if there was one thing you could say you don’t like about Memphis, then what would that be?

I love Memphis! Memphis is so rich in opportunity, I would be crazy not to like it here. I am a opportunist. If I could change one thing it would be the way it is perceived by people.

Do you think Memphis has a chance to grow within the modeling & entertainment industry?

Memphis is a gold mine for the modeling and entertainment industry, with the right resources Memphis could be a fierce competitor with markets like Atlanta and D.C. It is those stereotypes associated with Memphis that limit the progression of success in this industry.

What do you wish to accomplish from modeling or are you looking to accomplish anything at all?

I want to use my work to securely position myself in a way that I might influence the industry in Memphis for the better.

Model Amie MichelHow did you get into modeling? I mean did you grow up knowing you would be a model someday or what? Kinda let us in on if you were always this attractive ;)

That is a funny story! No, I went through that “awkward stage,” it was absolutely horrible. I am mixed so things were extremely difficult because I was different than everyone else. I was very tall and skinny, had glasses, and my hair no one including me could do anything with! I went through my metamorphosis during the summer of my 16th birthday. I went to the eye doctor bought contacts, gained 15 pounds of shear muscle, began lifting, running, and I played ball 24-7, and everything changed. I gained alot of confidence. One thing that did not change was that people loved me. I was voted everything in school class favorite every year, president of my class and clubs, Homecoming Queen, and all of those things. I got all that from just being myself, I think that is the reason I appreciate and take pride in the way I look now. If you like me outside you will love me inside! I was and always will remain Amie! After my “change” I had to beat the guys off of me but you know what I told them? No way! If I wasn’t girlfriend material then I am too much for you now, and I got an older man. He was a college basketball star, and the smartest for seeing my beauty before everyone else. He was looking deep into these blue eyes and thinking someday this woman is going to be remarkable in every way, and I saw him look deep into my heart every time he looked at me. Wow! That brought back some emotions! Sorry about that! Anyhow, I modeled and was in beauty pageants before I could walk. It was difficult then to get the respect I deserved in the industry because people could not get pass the fact that I was mixed. Now when I see all those women I used to compete with I think man am I glad I never took what God gave me for granted. They all say Amie you make us sick!

Model Amie MichelWere there any models who influenced or inspired you?

Not alot of models influenced me because there were few models of color. However, my life long idol is Vanessa Williams.

Tell us about the most irritating thang surrounding becoming a model.

The most irritating thing surrounding being a model are the sterotypes people use as an excuse to not like me without taking time to get to know me. Not all models are rude, demanding, conceited, or starve themselves! I am always the one in the group cutting up, making fun of myself, and I am not known at local restaurants for “throwing down”!.

Is Amie Michel your real name or are you one of those models who had a really unattractive name and had to change for better marketing of your talent?

Yes, Amie Michel is my real name of course I don’t use my last name.

What agencies or photographers here in Memphis have you worked with?

I have worked with quite a few agencies and photographers in Memphis, but you know the very best is my A-1, Michael Dones, he is an amazingly talented photographer! I have worked with three agencies and four other photographers here, all of which I wouldn’t put Michael Dones in the same sentence with, I would not recommend them to anyone for a number of reasons.

What type of Modeling jobs have you been involved in. Fashion, Magazine , stuff like that?

I have done tons of shows, worked with promoters, featured on over 15 websites, frequently guest celebrity golf tournaments, Mercedes Benz, yadda, yadda, yadda!

Have you ever done any rap videos? :)

No rap videos yet I am waiting on Jay-Z to call any day now, LOL!

Can you dance?

I love to dance! However, I know my limitations.

Are you open mind to doing any rap videos that call for a little booty dancing if a great opportunity arised?

If it was an opportunity that allowed me to be FEATURED in the video I probably would, I would most definitely not be one of those girls in the back though!

Are you famaliar with any Memphis artists and who if any?

I am familiar with the Memphis talent that is on the radio now, Triple Six Mafia, Project Pat, Gangsta Boo, etc.

Do you listen to any rap music at the moment?

I listen to rap music. It represents a mood I am in when I do. I love 2 Pac the most, I respect his music. I also love Jay-Z, LOL, did I say that already, Jay-Z, Jay-Z, Jay-Z.

What type of music do you like or listen to the most?

I am old school, I have to have Frankie Beverly, Stevie Wonder, Luther, and the Gap Band. I also love the Eagles, Beatles, Madonna, and Janet. Good music and talented people.

Ok, on another note, let me ask you this; if you weren’t modeling or at least if you weren’t having any success at it, then what would you be doing?

I would be coaching basketball at a local high school about to show my girls the road to a state championship, or I would be in the WNBA!!!!

Model Amie MichelWell fortunately you are successful and as a matter of fact, I hear you have plans on working with the success of other models in the area? Is this true?

You got it! AMR Models Inc. will be the top modeling agency in the world for women of color. I will dominate the urban fashion industry.

Ok, you know I have to ask this for my readers! Do you have a boyfriend or something and if so, how do they feel about your modeling?

I am experiencing technical difficulties in the RELATIONSHIP INDUSTRY right now, and yes it is because of my work. I have slowed down a little now, but I am very passionate about my work, and sometimes I get consumed by it. He is a beautiful man who loves me deep in my soul and I am a smart woman, so we will hold it down!

What are the feelings about all these horny guys gauking at your body? Has this ever been an issue?

Sometimes it is a little frustrating that men do not understand the business of why I choose to do the type of pictures that I do. It doesn’t mean I will pose Playboy or drop down a lap dance!!! My work is art and my pictures are timeless.

What would you like for guys, well people in general, to think, say or do when they first feast their eyes on a hot photo of yours?

I want them to say ” My God that is beautiful, meaning beautiful art and talent! I am 100 % natural what you see is what you get with me.

How do you feel about nudity? Have you ever done any nude shots and would you be open to this type of modeling if it were to be done in a professional manner and taken seriously?

My body is very precious to me and because of growing up taught not to be ashamed of your body, I do not get freaked out about being nude. It is how you use your body that is the difference. I grew up having to change backstage in front of so many people and still do now so it is no big deal. I will only do nudity for art, and it has to be done with taste and with someone I trust very well.

Do you feel you are sexy person or are you one of those people, who really didn’t realize they were sexy until someone told you?

I feel sexy at times like when I go out. I feel sexy when I play basketball, isn’t that crazy! That passion that consumes me when I am playing is like nothing else, it is undescribable. I would never let anyone else determine how sexy or how beautiful I feel.

What do you feel it takes to be sexy? Better yet, what makes a person sexy in your opinion, man and woman?

Sexy is an attitude, a frame of mind! Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. You determine hwo sexy you are within yourself, and damn it if you let anyone tell you any different. A sexy man to me has GOT to be smart, confident, and athletic. A sexy man, is a man who cares about ultimately pleasing a woman first, because he knows if he pleases here in turn she will please him in every way imaginable.

What can you say to aspiring models who don’t think they aren’t sexy enough to be a model? I mean what can they do to rid themselves of any doubts or self criticizing obstacles?

What they can do is ignore everyone else, decide what limitations they have and move forward with the assets they have that set them apart from every other model in the industry.

Will we be seeing much more of Amie Michel? What are your plans and will the internet be a tool for you in the future?

Amie Michel on the internet yes! As far as the traveling every week and all that comes with that, no. I am about to go through a re-evaluation of goals in my life. The internet will continue to be a tool, it is the only way to go these days in the industry.

I know my readers and site visitors will definitely like to see more of you on

MemphisRap.Com will stay hip to whatever is going on with Amie Michel. So come to Memphis Rap first!

Dig dat!

Model Amie MichelAs a matter of fact, I asked users were there any questions they would like to ask Amie Michel and you know we received some BUCk wild things but this is what one reader wanted to know and I thought it was a good question?

Dirt Dawg of ATL, Ga asks:

You laying on the beach on a hot summer day. What comes to mind?

Because I am a BEACH BABE that is easy no tan lines and no cancer! Just kidding, of course I will be thinking of what my man and me can do on the beach when the sun goes down!!!

Dig dat, I’m sure Dirt Dawg appreciates that & has a great imagination :)

Well we are coming to the end of this interview but first is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

I would like to tell the readers to support your girl and stay tuned for more from Amie Michel.

Is there anyone you would like to say hi, thank you, or just give a shout out to anywhere?

I would like to thank you, M town Luv, and MemphisRap.Com for this great and unique opportunity to support Memphis. Thanks to Michael Dones for his work and dedication. Love to all the readers of MemphisRap.Com

Model Amie MichelThank you for giving me the time to holla at you Amie. I know you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for every new site that hits the net but I’m sure you will be successful and I look forward to doing this again sometime! I hope I don’t have to hunt you down to get another interview :)

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