Ms. Logan, Memphis Model Interview

Meet sexy Memphis model, Charnesa Logan, bka Ms. Logan, who tells that her “drive and dedication” is what sets her apart “from most” other models and ladies that “just want attention.” Striving to make her mark in the modeling profession, Ms.  Logan, states it’s about more than just “having a pretty face and a nice shape,” although she definitely has her share of both. Ms. Logan claims it’s about “creating an image” and she can create them all: from sexy to playful, from shy to exotic. She’s got Yo Gotti on the iPod, loves her some Lil Wayne, and she’s going to school too for Healthcare. So not only is she sexy and hip hop guys, but she can take care of you if you get sick or at least tell you what to do! Anyone feeling a little fever coming on? Check out’s interview with Ms. Logan and find out exactly how sexy, playful, shy, and exotic this beauty out of Oxford, MS, now living and modeling out of Memphis, Tn, is. Tell everyone your name and how you got into modeling.

Ms. Logan: I go by Ms. Logan and I got into modeling about five years ago. A neighbor of mine introduced me to her photographer (Max Alexander) who I still shoot with today. There are alot of women out there that want to be models, what makes you different than them?

Ms. Logan: Oh wow… I think my drive, dedication, and how I want to be viewed in this industry sets me apart from most women. Some ladies just want attention, while I’m striving to make my mark in this profession. What convinced you that you have what it takes to be a model?

Ms. Logan: My desire for fashion and modeling. Modeling is so much more than having a pretty face and a nice shape. It’s about how you can create an image for a designer or a product. I was always interested in that part. I love being in front of a camera, I can create anything I want from sexy, playful, shy, exotic and yeah it does help being cute!! lol Are you originally from Memphis?

Ms. Logan: No, I’m originally from Oxford, MS but have been living in Memphis since I was 8 years old! But MS is still my home, I go back to visit often. What type of modeling do you do? Ever done any hip hop music videos?

Ms. Logan: I’m experienced in all sides of modeling, including print, commercial, runway, promotional and coordinating talent for other people.  No, I haven’t done any music videos.  However, I’m working with a very popular R&B artist and I may be featured in his new project so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! What are your measurements?

Ms. Logan: 36-30-38 What part of your body is the sexiest to you?

Ms. Logan: My entire body is sexy to me! :-) What part of your body gets the most attention?

Ms. Logan: For some reason my lips…. so yeah… lol Do you have any favorite Memphis rappers?

Ms. Logan: I try to support them all, because you’re always suppose to rep your hometown.  But I have Yo Gotti on the iPod! Who’s your favorite hip hop artist outside of Memphis?

Ms. Logan: I love Kanye, T.I., Lil Wayne, Nelly and Jeezy is hot too! What do you like to do when you’re not modeling or working?

Ms. Logan: I’m always working on something, but I love to travel!! I try to get a vacation in as often as possible! I just got back from L.A. and I loved it! I also enjoy reading, being at home doing nothing and of course spending time with my family and friends. If you weren’t a model or doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

Ms. Logan: I still work a full time job in addition to modeling. But I am about to complete my degree in Healthcare Management. Many would say that you are fine and beautiful, have you always felt and looked that way?

Ms. Logan: I believe I have a beautiful personality… which also reflects on the outside.  If you got to know me you would love me!! Have I always looked like this?  LOL!  I was way smaller years ago, but I’m I think that change as we get older! I take good care of myself… and I think that shows! You recently did a lingerie fashion show featuring academy award winning Frayser Boy, how did that turn out?

Ms. Logan: Yes, Envi~Nicole and I both were the hosts for the show. Things could have gone better, but it was a good experience. Were you one of the models showcasing in lingerie?

Ms. Logan: No! We did a casting for models for the show. I have done runway shows before, but I know in major cities I’m not tall enough for runway… I tend to try and pursue things that I actually have potential in! Who actually designed the lingerie that was showcased at the show?

Ms. Logan: It was a local designer here in Memphis. Besides modeling in lingerie, do you actually wear it yourself around the house or any other time?

Ms. Logan: Yes… for the right occasion! What’s the sexiest outfit you own?

Ms. Logan: No outfit at all! What are your turns on?

Ms. Logan: I love a man that smells good… that is the sexiest thing for me!! I love a man that speaks with knowledge and confidence. Good conversation is a major plus for me! What are your turns off?

Ms. Logan: Men who wear shades in the clubs! WTF??! Poor grammar, no culture… like men that offer to take me to Tunica for a trip!! Do you prefer boxers or briefs on a man?

Ms. Logan: Boxer Briefs! Ever been approached by a woman attracted to you? If so, what line did she use?

Ms. Logan: Yes I have, and I don’t remember what line was used I just remember the not interested part!! What’s the craziest pick-up line or approach you’ve ever experienced?

Ms. Logan: Oh gosh!! I’ve heard so many!! But I think the funniest one was I was standing at a bar and this guy walked up to me and he said excuse me did that hurt? I said did what hurt? And he said when you fell from heaven!! I burst out laughing!! I was like oh my goodness!! And no… he didn’t get my number!! lol Getting back to your modeling, and other projects, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ms. Logan: In five years I see myself in a different city… still doing my thing but better. And hopefully I would have established my company to mentor young girls and teenagers in helping them make informed decisions on life situations! How can people get at you if they’re interested in booking you?

Ms. Logan: They can visit my website at or email me at Any last words?

Ms. Logan: Thank you for this interview… it was a long time coming! But we got it done! I want to say R.I.P to Lisa Davis the local model that was killed recently here in Memphis. We must unite and look after one another and because being in this industry can be dangerous if you’re not careful! Thanks again!

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  1. I don’t recognize her face but I’m from Oxford, MS as well and in modeling school…as far as the first guy and his comments, you have to start somewhere and ignorant men don’t help successful women get to the top. Regardless of how her pictures look or whatever,she’s getting her job done. And its not just “Black Women” taking a-s shot, white women take more pictures nude than Black women so don’t try to say that Black women are only good for nude shots! I haven’t taken a nude shot and my agency loves the hell out of me, as for the white chicks in my session, they take nude shots 24/7 and get no love. So motivate her to excel higher, don’t make her feel less than she’s worth. Obviously, you’re someone with too much time on your hands and a not a career of your own!! Kepp it up MS. Logan cause haters like the first guy make the world go round and they make you look even better!! Effin Loser!!

  2. Hi dolphin .We see you doing your thang thats whatssup! hands up for all real women that takes care of what need to be taking care of. We @ M.F.S. RESPECTS THE REAL! Dont get hot about the dolphin thang we R WHALEZ thats why!

  3. So, this is what is called modeling? LOL! I guess you have to start somewhere. Hmmm, her pics are very similar to pics that I have seen in mags like Black Men and Black Tail (nothing but a-s shots). LOL!

    Here is what really trips me out about the females who do “A-s Modeling” and even strippin- A-s shakin’, but go to nail school or nursing school at the same time. These females actually expect to be viewed as intelligent and as Ladies. I find their nerve to amazing if not plain silly. I am more than sure that Ms. Logan is a smart and very sweet young lady..However and sadly, when the world sees the pictures that she poses in, we can’t see her personally nor her mind with a-s and tiddies taking center stage. You feel me?

    So, when Ms. Logan spoke of creating a new image in the interview, I thought she meant changing how Black women go about presenting themselves in society. Meaning, instead of presenting your a-s and tiddies first, then your mind, I thought she meant it was goin to be the other way around-without having to present her a-s and tiddies at all.

    I see now that she was only pertaining to changing up her poses in the various a-s and tiddies shots.

    I guess she will make the cover of Ebony and Essence, hell and even Vogue with the current route to the modeling industry that she unfortunately has chosen. Good luck.

    Rico Rivers
    Tha Mayor of North Memphis

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