Janeen Lee headshot

Janeen Lee – Our first featured model!

Janeen Lee headshot

Ok, I must say first that when I spoke with Janeen Lee thru email it was a mystery speaking with any model you meet for the first time and you’re thinking to yourself “WOW she’s been featured in Rollingstone magazine; she has this great website, and DAMN she’s beautiful! I bet she’s stuck up like a muthaf**ka!”. But the emails went fine and when I finally spoke to Janeen Lee over the phone, I must say “Da girl has a lovely voice, she is definitely not stuck up and she is quite intelligent.” But “I Know, I Know”, “get to da good part ni**a!”. Well, I’m quite sure Janeen may be a frequent member of Memphis Honeys and we’ll definitely be keeping you up-to-date with her as well! We’ll have an interview, exclusive photo shoot, and even a LIVE appearance at one of our events hopefully soon so just check out her featured page and don’t forget to visit her photo gallery and rate her pictures and leave a comment even!

I am a 25 year old Model based out of Memphis TN. Not only am I a model, but I am also a Internet Graphic
Artist, and currently in college studying for my CIW (Certfied Internet Webmaster Designer) I love being able to combine the two things I love most, which are modeling and computers. My hobbies include billards (nineball), many sports (volleyball, gymnastics, softball), karokee, traveling the world, and experiencing new cultures. I have traveled all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and India…

Janeen Lee fitness poseI was introduced into modeling by a friend about 5 years ago. She explained to me how fun, easy, and exciting it was! The fun and exciting part was correct, but nothing in life is EASY!! I have enjoyed much success in the modeling industry, much due to the Internet, and I am looking forward to another profitable year! If you would like to see some of my accomplishments, please visit my Stats/Resume page.

I first became interested in computers in high school. I took some basic programming languages and was familiarized with working on PC’s. Shorty after high school, though, I started my modeling career, and took some time away from computers. I was reintroduced to computers about 3 years ago to the Internet world of computers, and started learning the basics of the Internet. Shortly afterwards, I started learning some graphics software programs and HTML. I am now designing and developing Internet websites, and thoroughly enjoying it!

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