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Interview with Fawnia, exotic dance instructor & author of Exotic Dance Lessons

BY:M Town Luv

Fawnia bluedress1. So first of all I think everyone would like to know how did you get into exotic dancing?

I started dancing by visiting a club for my 19th birthday. From here I was told that dancing would be something I’d be great at.
Nice boyfriend huh? Well, I guess he had an idea of what was in store, and three days later I was on stage!

2. Was it a hard decision? And were you the sexy type then or were you like a school girl wanting to finally
see some action?

When my boyfriend (at the time), Eric suggested it, I was very shocked, and thought, No Way! However, by the end of the night, I knew it was for me, and I asked for the contact number for who I should call to get started. I thought I was sexy, but looking back, I was everything but! Entertaining was more the word to describe me, as I whipped the stage wearing my kilt and 14 hole steel toed combat boots. It was an interesting beginning for me, as ‘Sky’.

3. What were your main goals once you decided to become an exotic dancer? I mean what were you out to accomplish or get out of it when you first began?

My goal was to have fun, and be the best dancer to ever work at each club that hired me. Of course I didn’t know I had to loose a little weight, I had great self confidence and loved to dance, and that’s all that mattered to me. When I heard of girls (features) being introduced to the stage with all these fabulous sounding titles “Miss Nude Western Canada” etc….I then wanted to be a feature.

After I had been dancing about six months, I remember Eric saying “Fawnia you can’t make stripping something that it isn’t.” I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on perfecting my shows. After Eric had made it clear to me, on how he viewed strippers, I still felt that I was more then that. I felt that being a dancer took talent, and to prove my point, I set out to create that most theatrical shows, and win every contest I could.

4. Have you taken any dance classes or took any exotic dance lessons yourself?

I have never taken lessons, except for keeping my eyes glued on Madonna growing up. She’s been my teacher, and I know I’ll meet her soon. If there were exotic dance lessons when I started, I would have taken them. I went out of my way to find people to teach me their pole move so when I retired from dancing, teaching seemed like best job for me. I knew there was a market for it.

5. How long did it take you to learn or was it just a gift for you to dance exotically?

In grade 12 I remember playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with a few friends (two guys and one girl), and I was dared to strip for them. After a few seconds of thought, I stood up and started my dance. Looking back, I know I had a natural ability to be in front of people. I took acting lessons in school (and after I stopped dancing.), and being on stage made me feel complete. Dancing felt right for me, and it still does.

Becoming sexy and learning to flow like a professional stripper,.. now that took time, and plenty of hilariously funny shows. Once I lost 30 pounds from dancing, and competed a few times I started to find my ‘home’ on stage.

6. I’m sure you’ve been asked this a hundred times but are you in a relationship and were you in one at the time that you began exotic dancing and if so what were their thoughts about it?

When I started I had a boyfriend, we’ll call him Eric. The creation of ‘Sky’ the dancer, was his idea. We were together for my first year as a dancer. Being one the road was hard for him and he missed me, but for the most part Eric handled it well. He even installed a pole in our spare bedroom for me to practice on. When we broke up, I began dating one of the waiters from a club in my hometown Victoria, Rod. He was my reason for quitting, and I can assure you that leaving the stage for him was not easy. Why did Rod want me to stop dancing? Working in the exotic dance industry for five years, he saw the business change the girls for the worse, and he didn’t want that to happen to me. Well that’s what he said. Today, as I type this, I can tell you that he was simply insecure and couldn’t handle his girlfriend succeeding at something she truly enjoyed doing. He was selfish and wanted a part of me to die. My goal was to dance for 15 years, travel the world, and make tones of money. After six months with Rod, on March 2. 96, I stopped dancing, making my career as a dancer last one year and six months. Nine months later on Christmas eve, we split up for good. Today I am with a great guy who supports my video business and acting 100%, and we’ve been together for 4 1/2 years.

7. What type of places do you consider the best for a novice to get experienced? I mean should they try the small shake junts or go right for the big time exotic clubs or what?

It depends on the girl and where she lives. If she is located in Canada then she will most likely work with an agent, and the agent will book her at various clubs. (agents get 15%). Any type of dancer can work any type of club, but it’s the top clubs that can afford the larger acts/performers. It may be that the beginning dancer will be subjected to work the seedier club for the first six – 12 months of her career.

If the dancer has a say in where she wants to work, then she should go for what she feel most comfortable with. As an example: some girls may feel the top clubs to be great in money, but with all the beautiful dancers working along side them, the money may be harder to earn. Knowing this, she may prefer working in a lower end club, even though the cash flow may be less. With some of the dancers being closer to average in appearance, this may her ticket to making better money.

8. Do you prefer working in the day or night or it doesn’t matter? and why?

In Canada you work 12:00noon – 1:00am and there are day shifts and night shifts. Personally I didn’t care which I worked. There is a lunch rush, but the amount of people in the club is great at 10:00pm For the money, I would say the night shift is better.

9. Would you say that you are a sexual person? And what are the feelings about all those horny a-s men AND women that all want to have sex with you?

Yes I am sexual, aren’t we all? It’s just a matter of how much of your sexuality you let spill out in public, including online. For those MEN that would like to have sex with me, I say, “Thanks, but I am 100% taken.”

10. What type of exotic dancer are you? Topless, Clothed, Fully Nude….

I worked in Canada and we are required to dance nude. In Belgium we went topless.

11. Wuz taking your clothes off in front of these complete strangers a BIG embarrassment for you and what were your thoughts the first time it happened?

The first time I removed my clothes it felt very strange. Think about it. How would you like to dance naked in front of 100 of your mothers?! And they’re all enjoying it! Know what I mean now? I felt as though I was stripping for my dad, a whole crowd of them.

I knew stripping was not the most normal thing to do, but I pushed myself to keep going, and soon I learned to view my new profession as a job.

12. Where did your alias name, Sky, come from. I mean did you feel high when you danced or what?

That’s funny you ask if I felt high. Stripping that first time was the most amazing high ever! Growing up I just liked the name Sky, so I decided to use it. Now there is no way I will use that name for my children.

13. Were the other girls at the clubs you danced at very supportive of a new-comer or was it like more of a cat fight?

Most of the dancers were supportive, but there was always the odd one you’d run into that would try to intimidate you. One dancer in particular comes to mind when I think of who was the real b*tch on the circuit. I was my third week, and she yelled at me for wearing an outfit she apparently designed. Anytime I saw her, I shuttered and felt like running. Five Years later, I met her at a gym I was working at, and she was the sweetest person ever! We became roommates, and lived together for one year. People who knew us were shocked, but it worked out great.

14. How do you feel about those negative a-s playahatas who call exotic dancers h*es and b*tches?

They need to realize that any kind of woman can be a dancer. She may be a student with dreams of making the law review, a single mom with kids to look out for, a Broadway hopeful who’d rather dance then work in an office, or somebody who simply does the work because is pays so damn well.

Needless to say, there are dancers who do more then dance, but this doesn’t give anyone the right to re-name a person who is doing what she feels is best for her.

15. Now how did we get to dis internet thang? I mean were you providing this type of service (exotic dance lessons) to the public also before your website?

You are very right. I started teaching dancing and pole to work immediately after I learned my first pole move. It surprised me that there wasn’t someone teaching dancers who do perform all these great moves on stage. Swinging around a vertical brass pole doesn’t come naturally for most people, so starting a school when I retired just had to be done. I taught one on one to dancers until I met my internet whiz boyfriend. It was he who suggested me creating an instructional video a and offered to make a website for me. I have been online since 1998.

16. Have you ever gotten someone to approach you aspiring to be an exotic dancer and you knew they didn’t have a chance in hell because they were either not fit enough or was just down right “toe up from da flow up”?

I love the way you put that. Yes, but you know what? I feel there is a market for everyone, and I do mean everyone! I have seem some very over and under weight dancers, and some dancers who are old enough to be my grandmother. These people often make the best acts, and the more rare in appearance, age, or performance they are, the better!

I worked with “The World Best Limbo’r” and she could limbo under the height of a beer bottle. Two years ago I taught a lady named Rose Edwards, who at the time was 73 years old. Last December, I spoke at a exotic dancer conference in Los Angeles and met a dancer who stood about 5’8 and weighed about 190 pounds. She was a great dancer, and was better then most girls on the pole! Often it’s the total hotties that are “toe up from da flow up”, but with the term ‘eye candy’, they also find work, and very easily.

17. Well what’s your best advice to young ladies out there wanting to become an exotic dancer?

If you are considering a career as a dancer, regardless of your reasons for working, think of where your mind is at right now. I know dancing is a great road to extra cash, but it’s also the highway to your dark side. Stay honest to yourself, and your reasons for dancing. Last but not lease, save your money. You can be sure that I wish I did. You never know when your time will come to hang up your heels for good.

18. You know my feelings are that it’s great someone is providing an educational service for something that has been around since the beginning of time and is more art then a-s & t*ts. But what do you wanna say to those other folks who think what you are doing is down right immoral, teaching folks how to take their clothes off and dance for money? Shame on you :)

:) We’ll if these people are in a great relationship, or are 100% satisfied with themselves, then congratulations! I feel that I am helping more then just dancers learn to strip. The stripping is the easy part. I am offering free advice within an industry that is here to stay, and am molding it to the art form exotic dancing can be. For the women and men who aren’t dancers, yet have an interest in dancing to enhance their relationships, I have created a forth video titled “Lap Dancing & Entertaining Your Man!”. I should have produced this video a long time ago! Just a note, I will have a video for men, and male exotic dancer in Dec, 2001.

19. Let me ask you something, if you never could have or wouldn’t have become an exotic dancer or at least if you weren’t so successful as you are now as an exotic dancer then what do you think you would be doing right now?

I would be acting in film and television, I know that for a fact. This summer, I am filming a second film in Prague. The film we shot last year, titled ‘Dakota Bound’, will be released to video in the next couple months. Check it out, my name is Liz.

20. Are your planning on any touring to promote your dance lessons and website and if so will you be sure to stop by Memphis to maybe show our local talent a step or two?

I think you know the answer to that! Of course, I would love to. Thanks for the invite, I’ll let you know when I’m coming down.

21. Where are you online when your not at your website?

When I am not at http://www.ExoticDanceLessons.com I may be at:
or visiting other sites, and checking my email.

22. We are coming to the end of our interview but first is there anything or anyone you would like to say hi, thank you, or just give a shout out to?

I would like to say thank you M Town Luv for showing an interest in my exotic dance school, and for taking the time to hang with me.

Before I go, Hello to everyone I have been in touch with on and off line, dancer and non dancer, fan and non-fan. Thank you for your support, and for moving the dancing industry to new heights where people marvel at how talented dancers really are!

I wanna thank you for your time and I are aware that you have a busy schedule and might not have time for every new site that hits the internet but I’m sure this thang you doing could be very promising to alot of future exotic dancers and I look forward to doing this again sometime!

Thank you M Town Luv. We’ll talk again soon.

Fawnia (“Sky”)

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