Honey of the Week: Roneshia Arnee

Memphis model Roneisha Arnee.Name?

Roneshia Marshall





Got a nickname?

Ro-Ro If you nasty! Lol, Just Joking. I really don’t have a nickname. My parents call me Boo and I hate it. My friends tried to make calling me that a habit as well and I had to continuously get on them to make them stop!

Good Girl or Bad Girl?

Hmmmm…. It just kinda depends on my mood, what Im doing, drunk? sober? I think I’m a pretty good girl though never been the one to get in any trouble. But I’ve done some things that people would be like ooowwww girl you bad! Lol! Of course I can’t disclose them!

Wifey Material?

Of course I am wifey material. I think I definitely know how to keep a man happy. Can he keep me happy is the question? I cook, clean and a little bit of everything inbetween. :) If he’s handling his business as a MAN he will get treated that way for sure! “Still play my part and let you take the lead role” He can put his foot down with me, be forceful, I like that! Come home and get on me if aint no food on the table! Play mad.. fuss a little bit, thats sexy! You will get dinner and dessert right on the kitchen table. Yes Sir… Lol.

What makes you a Honey?

I think my confidence and determination makes me a Honey! Many would probably say because they are fine, got a nice body or whatever. But I say it doesn’t matter how you look, if you can go into a room with confidence, I mean swagger just ridiculous you will get attention and people will notice you. And determination, because I feel that it goes hand in hand with confidence. Be confident in what you are doing and be determined to do it!

Your favorite Artist?

Weezy F. Baby and make sure you say the baby!!!! The only person that is so ugly but so sexy!!! Swagger is just amazing. And I love his music. “Mama you wine fine, and on the hush hush we need some quiet time!” I know babe! :)

Your favorite Celebrity?

My favorite celebrity would have to be Diddy. I mean what hasn’t he done? His swagger is phenomenal, and his money is super long. Yeah, Diddy! Lol! He is definitely the true definition of what to do when you get money. Oh and Oprah is right there with Diddy. Oprah’s name just says it all. Yeah Yeah, Oprah!!! Haha!

Your favorite website?

MySpace of course! Oh and Bank Of America The only two sites I check daily! Check me out
Men: If your main pic is a picture of you naked or sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles I will NOT add you, thats not cute! I get sick everytime I see that mess.

Your favorite thing to do?

Sleep or Spend Money! They both are equally the same. Lol! I am the true definition of a homebody. I can lay on the couch and watch Lifetime all day, and probably doze off about 10 times! Spending Money, pretty self explanatory. Doesn’t really matter what I’m buying, clothes, shoes, or Popeye’s!

What have you done as far as modeling?

I really haven’t done a lot of Modeling. A lot of people don’t believe me but I am just a beginner. I’ve worked with a few photographers, done some promotional work and that’s really about it. I am in a 2009 Eye Candy Calendar that will be out later this year, it’s pretty hotttt! Two girls on each month, something for the fellas fa shizzle! lol! The site will be up soon, Be sure to check it out!


I haven’t done any acting, not really an actress. I can recite just about every Martin episode and I know Martin You So Crazy, and Friday word for word! Does that count?

What do you do to stay in shape and keep your physique?

The funny thing is I have just actually started working out. I try to go twice a day and it has really become a lifestyle for me, but I eat what I want. Haha. I really don’t have a big appetite I can eat a kids meal and be full. I am definitely trying to watch my weight though. I have always been small and been able to eat what I want but as I get older I realize I no longer can do that.

What do people compliment you the most on or tell you the most is your hottest feature?

It depends on what people?! Haha! Most people tell me I have pretty eyes, pretty skin, and my legs!!!

What is your most frequently asked question?

My most frequently asked question is “Why are you single?!” Like it’s a disease or something! WTF? I actually like being single. My friends tell me I have nicca qualities. Lol! It’s True! I will see somebody tonight and the next night they texting me saying “Why havent you called?”, And I’m like “For what?! Dude…Chill out!!!”, Haha!

No, but I am just trying to enjoy my life as much as possible I am 23 with no children, I have plenty of time to be settled down. I would hate to be 40 years old upset because I didn’t live my life to the fullest. Especially at my age, guys my age don’t want to be tied down and even when they do when they hit 28 or 29 they are ready to wild out, and I will be damned if I give someone the best years of my life all for it to get back-fired. So for my Mr. Right give me about 3 or 4 more years and I’ll be ready for you! For now I got my Shawtieeeeee (when he ain’t trippin) so I’m cool!!!!

Strangest thing you’ve ever done?

Hmmm… That’s a hard question! I don’t know if it’s the strangest but it is definitely strange. One night in my sleep I ate a whole bag of Twizzlers. I’m used to snacking in my sleep, but geeezzz! A whole bag. I woke up looking for them and they were gone :( That was strange because I didn’t even remember eating them!

Sexiest thing you’ve ever done?

The sexiest thing I’ve ever done would have to be cooking dinner in lingerie! Awwww, memories, memories!!!! Told ya’ll I was wifey material! Lol.

Tell us a joke.

I may be crazy for saying this, but what better place. I have been wanting to get this off my chest for the longest time. Me and my friends laugh about it a least once a week. So therefore it’s a joke to me. Why is it that every guy feels that they need a Magnum [condom]? I swear every guy that I have known sexually since I lost my virginity has pulled out a Magnum. WTF? Everybody don’t need them! That’s like me going out buying Apple Bottom jeans. I know my butt is not big, and it’s cool! lol! But I bet I can do what she do. Haha! All I’m saying is it’s cool if you are not Mandingo. It ain’t the size of the boat it’s the motion in the ocean. Lol! There is nothing worse than a saggy condom. That can’t be safe!

What would you like our readers to know about you?

I would like everyone to know that I am the sweetest person ever! Lol! No, I love modeling I’m not trying to make it a career but I love doing it for fun and I do take it seriously when I am doing it. If anyone has something that they would like me to be a part of than you may e-mail me. But please take note: I do not sleep with anyone for any type of exposure, work etc… you can miss me with that. Some may think that because some of my images are edgy, etc… That I Wanna Be Down Like Brandy, but I don’t, I’m actually the total opposite. I know that there are a lot of girls who do, do it, because people have came to me like it was cool and it’s not! If I want to deal with you, I will deal with you, I don’t care who you are or what you can do for me.

I hope to be in KING one day, one of my goals. Hey KING magazine!!!! Lol!

But please e-mail me with any opportunities at

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