Failyn L.

Meet the sexy and fashionable Memphis model, Failyn L. who likes tattoos, tall guys, shopping and texting, but be careful guys and be sure to clean under your fingernails and dust your kicks or else you won’t have a chance with this down-to-earth curvaceous model. Tell everyone where you’re from.

Failyn L.: I’m originally from West Memphis, AR but I’ve lived in Memphis since 1999 How did you get into modeling and when?

Failyn L.: I began modeling when a friend that I used to work with was in the same real estate class as I was and she said that she was modeling. I’ve always been interested in it so I started with her. Ever done any hip hop music videos?

Failyn L.: Not yet…. What types of modeling have you done?

Failyn L.: Runway and Promotional What are your measurements?

Failyn L.: 34-27-36 What part of your body would you say is the sexiest to you?

Failyn L.: My belly :) What part of your body gets the most attention from others?

Failyn L.: I don’t know really.  I think they look at everything lol! Got a favorite hip hop artist?

Failyn L.: I like Common for being conscious; Jay Z for being real; and Gucci Mane for being hilarious What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?

Failyn L.: I like watching movies at home, shoe shopping, going out of town, eating at different restaurants, texting (I’m addicted), and I like warm weather so I like being outside near water. If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

Failyn L.: Hmm….I’d be an interior designer, a party planner or a boutique owner (maybe a rockstar??) What’s the sexiest outfit you own?

Failyn L.: I don’t think the clothes are sexy, I think it’s how you rock ’em.  BUT I do have this purple dress, it’s short, strapless and form fitting that I think is pretty hot.  I rocked it for a photoshoot. (And I’ve actually never worn it out in public, go figure.) What are your turn-ons?

Failyn L.: Physically I would have to say a guy that’s in shape (not a muscle head) but has a nice body.  I like tattoos and tall guys too.

If we’re speaking of personality, I like a guy that’s witty and who can laugh at himself as well as laugh at/with me because I’m a goofball. Confidence is a turn on too. What are your turn-offs?

Failyn L.: Arrogance, liars, dirty fingernails (ugh), dusty shoes, stank breath, should I go on?  LOL! Do you prefer boxers or briefs on a man?

Failyn L.: None…Oh, I’m sorry, that wasn’t an option (oops)…I like boxer briefs :) What’s the best and worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Failyn L.: This guy came up to me and said “Give me your number, I’m finna call you real quick.”  I was like “What?! Why?”  It was kinda awkward because after that I just walked off and he had to laugh at himself because he knew he was out of pocket. What’s next for Failyn?

Failyn L.: I’m working on a calendar to be released in 2010 (crossing fingers) and I’m just working on expanding my portfolio as far as working different markets.  Branding myself and getting checks is the goal for ’09. How can people reach you if they’re interested in booking you?

Failyn L.: They can reach me by email at or message me at

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