Benzino and Althea
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Will Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino, Althea Leak After Mimi, Nikko Scandal Tape?!

Benzino and Althea

Is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Althea Heart, Benzino’s fiancée, the next to star in a sex tape with her man?

Following the leak and release of Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith’s ‘Scandal’ tape, there’s been leaks hinting at possible other tapes involving other cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but none quite evident as this.

Since Benzino and Stevie J’s longtime bromance seems to be over, the music producer Stevie J has been going in at Benzino.

Recently Stevie J leaked photos of Althea Heart seemingly with no clothes as she kneels on her knees looking up at a man in front of her.

Stevie J hints there is more to come.

Could there be a new tape to come following Mimi Faust starring Althea Heart and Benzino or some other man perhaps?

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  1. Wow! Mimi send me the production company’s number please….. If they could turn my amature home tape into a full clear production. Your arguments and reasons for doing it has no respectable foundation. You’re famous through out the world……? Really? If that’s the case, for all the wrong reasons. You said the sell of shower rods has gone through the roof? Girl you must be triffling. You step in the shower to wash off dirt not to wear it. Keep the money girl your daughter will need therapy for the rest of her days because you have violated her principles of being a productive member of our society with your selfish escapade.

  2. Wow, get some class Mimi you got no scruples. You can holla all you want its your life doing it your way but your straight up disgusting. Sell yourself and allow to be exploited shame on you. Dont ever talk crap on Joseline cause at least she dont have children and comes from a hard background and is young and stupid but your suppose to be more mature , wow women cant even call you a lady. Mona if you do this for ratings exploit your cast I hope your show gets cancelled. This show was trashy but now its beyond it. STEVIE, think about anything else that can demage your poor daughter before ever doing it. JOSELINE get you some class and up your act if your gonna be with Stevie cause that poor baby is gonna get demaged behind her low life mom.

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