Snootie Wild rumor creeping drugs and infected2
Snootie Wild rumor creeping drugs and infected
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Snootie Wild’s Jumpoff Leaks Pics, Calls Rapper ‘Broke, Infected & Hooked on Yayo’

Snootie Wild wearing shades

In hip hop rumors, it seems like Memphis rapper Snootie Wild has definitely gotten somebody upset with him as the person reportedly leaked photos of the rapper sleeping and dissed the rapper claiming he cheats on his girl, is known for visiting the Health Department and is hooked on Yayo.

In a Facebook message obtained by gossip site MediaTakeout, the site claims that someone has ‘spilled’ the dirt on the rapper who is signed with rapper Yo Gotti’s label CMG (Collective Music Group).

Snootie Wild rumor creeping drugs and infected

In the message posted by reported blogger Jarrett Scott, which was titled “His D--k For Errbody Snootie Wild,” the person starts out slamming Snootie Wild’s girl.

The blogger shared the message stating the following:

The post claims that Snootie Wild’s girl is broke, has to catch rides to her photoshoots, has a ‘little waitress’ job while Snootie Wild is out “f-----g the world” cheating on her.

The post refers to Snootie by his real name LePreston Porter and says it is a known name at the Health Department.

The post goes on to read that Snootie Wild’s real girl is his ‘Co Co,’ insinuating the rapper is hooked on Yayo.

Check out the alleged claims made by someone reportedly trying to clown rapper Snootie Wild.

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  1. I agree. wtf do you have going on. If lame b-----s and n----s spend more time grinding and trying to better themselves, they wouldn’t have time or the energy to put down or (so called expose other ppl). Get the f--k outta here.

  2. Lol why do females feel the need to get mad then try and put someone on spot it’s pointless you f--k him she f--k him like y’all say his duck for everybody but why feel the need to expose him now cause his not F-----g with y’all? I mean seriously that room that the girl posted a pic of her a lepreston looks like a motel 6 f--k out of here with the bs and since when did he become homeless? He has a house in atl right? Smfh and his no longer with blue eyes

  3. I have pics of snootie wild as well he is homeless n a pimp using young girls n guys to come up. Addicted to Roxy’s n cocaine using Lil Boosie n his promoter Kimba to get models in Texas he owes me money for babysitting his drama a-s crew n broke promoter and assistant. He lives with a b---h name blue eyes who has his son while he is n California lyin to other rappers. A girl in Dallas is looking for her Benz who he stole from and has his mom driving it. I had to go to clinic to get clean he is sick and a user.

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