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Rick Ross, Young Jeezy Fight at BET Hip Hop Awards Leads To Gunshots; Freeway Rick Ross Chimes In

On Saturday in Atlanta, a fight broke out backstage during the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards between rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

According to reports, shots were fired following the altercation in the parking lot after the backstage pushing and shoving took place between the two rappers. Based on video footage captured, bodyguards and security had to intervene to get the two away from each other.

As for gunfire, after the pushing and shoving match, allegedly someone from Rick Ross’ entourage caused more chaos by pulling out a gun in the parking lot and shooting started, however, police claim that is untrue.

The real Rick Ross chimed in on the incident on Monday with a long message co-authored by Antonio Moore.Esq titled “How Hip-Hop Can Heal: A Message on the Rick Ross, Young Jeezy BET Altercation” in which he stated that the awards is suppose to be a commemoration of achievement. In the post, Freeway Rick Ross stated, “These wealthy young men have created yet another stain on the American image of Hip Hop, black entertainment and young black men.”

Further in the post, Freeway Rick Ross spoke on how, when he rose to power in the 80’s, they avoided violence since they knew that if the police came around, it would interrupt their cash flow, therefore the Crips and Bloods worked together.

“The courts wanted to relate the drugs to the violence but that wasn’t the case. When we started selling drugs it was the first time you could see a Crip on a Blood’s block and they’re getting along because they’re trying to get money. When you are trying to get money you don’t want any violence…. What seems to be happening in Hip Hop is the opposite; in some cases these artist produce violence because it is awarded with exposure, which validates their image of my life, and others like mine. The messages these young men are starting to emit through song, fashion and interviews is one of “get your weight up”, rather than let me help you up.”

Read the Freeway Rick Ross’ full post:

Since the BET Hip Hop Awards altercation, BET issued an apology and stated that it was due to misjudgement of select attendees and they do not condone any type of violence.

BET is still set to air the BET Hip Hop Awards show Oct. 9.

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