Joseline Hernandez rapping in studio
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez Studio Rap Video Leak Sparks Drug Rumors

Joseline Hernandez rapping in studio

Strange video clips have been leaked online of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez rapping incoherently in a recording studio.

At many moments in the video of the female rapper known as the wifey of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member and music producer Stevie J, Joseline is heard throwing out lines that didn’t rhyme and at some times was somewhat incoherent.

Soon after the clips began surfacing, a video interview of rapper Ferrari Ferrell talking with VladTV surfaced of him detailing the video clip of Joseline Henandez’ disturbing recording session.

Ferrell also claims to have ‘hooked up’ with Joseline at that time claiming it was just months ago when it happened.

Could this mean that the rapper is now on the list of alleged rappers Joseline Hernandez slept with behind Stevie J’s back including Rick Ross (who she is heard mentioning in the video and rumored to be pregnant by), Nelly and more?

After the video surfaced online, many are speculating that Joseline was on some type of drug (possibly mollie or cocaine) and may have a drug problem from what the video suggests.

Watch the video clip of Joseline Hernandez rapping in the controversial interview with rapper Ferrari Ferrell.

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  1. OK how many hip hop artist do we know that hasn’t had a high or drunk session. With that said he’s lying through his teeth. He can’t look at the interviewer. He CAN remember what they did and said about her while she was in the recording studios,but can’t remember when he took the video? He’s the one who shot thje video. Everything almost to a T !atxhed was Benzino was supposedly told not start. Look Joseline is absolutely gorgeous. Any one man or women would want to hit that.So its pretty messed up that she keeps everyone else’s secrets evewn after those same people lie about her and her secrets. Regardless of whether she did it or not,she never gave this man any reason go be mad enough or mad at all with her. So why is he so hard pressed to try and ruin her shine? If You ever look at her face when Mimi hugged her,you would have seen Joseline(& Mimi) look prettier than ever before. Joselins face was pure. She closed her eyes and had a look of Finally. Like she always loved Mimi,but coulnt not love Stevie. So she became very defensive. Joseline grew up hard. When she gives her all people always hurt her with their true nature ! Look at her real fire. They all keep it real. Even if she doesn’t like someone ,she still tells the truth when asked about them. Good or bad. When Joseline stood up for Mimi,she said how great of a mom Mimi was(& they both know because they had bad moms) ,she meant it. Then Mimi did the probably one of the most sincere,significant, and honest thing ever said or done to Joseline. Joseline and Mimi have sao much in common if you peel back a few players. So Joseline at first watched Mimi’s eyes. She didn’t say a single word. By doing so, she heard something she’s wanted to hear for so long. Mimi loves her. Mimi said Joseline through thick and thin is family ,Mimi’s family. All Joseline could do was close her eyes and smile, oh and cry real tears of joy. Mimi held her and rubbed her head. Why was the head rub significant? When people grow up without a mom they don’t remember being held or rocked while their mom rubbwed their head and strokes their hair. I’m speaking from experience. When I had my son at 31 I hated when he learned how to hold his own bottle,because he would also rub his birthmark on top of his head every time. I’d put his hand down telling him I can do that you don’t need to OK?!!. He’d grab my hand move it then started rubbing his birthmark agaoin. Looking back I never remember my mom doing anything with my hair but yank it out for 2 hours at a time or making me lay on a pillow while she picked my face with a needle to calm her nerves.So when Mimi did that, it was almost like filling a hole or void in Joseline’s heart. She’d been waiting forever to feel
    Ike that and she was going to cherish every second of it. Joseline knew while Mimi meant what she said, others would be very angry and jealous. She knew someone would be pissed and the media prefers drama to kumbya,would soon cook up a lie or trash in an attempt to ruin the bond. So she knew it wouldn’t be Mimi’s fault so instead of dwelling on the upcoming attack,she’d just take in all that was happening ow. Staying in the moment. People need to just stop. The only reason Joseline appears to be so concieted is because,,she has too.Stuff like this and people like this d-----s came a dime a dozen. There are no signs that it plans to stop or slow down. If she didn’t have such a hard shell she’d have xcracked a long time ago,through all the abuse as a child to adulthood. I cheer you,your success, and pray for joy ,peace, and protection for you and the relationship you’re building with Mimi for the sake of Eva! Girl you are fabulous ,neverr fake,always fierce (well except the Brady Bunch blond wig)sorry but its the only thing I can’t back you up on! Stay strong and put on blinders and earplugs. Don’t let anyone stop what you guys endured hell and back for. Dont let anyone tell you it took them to get u where you are today. Don’t let them try to make you ingratiate yourself to them. You might have had help,I’m more than certain making it so your step kids would always have no matter what. Neither they not their parents would live below your means of living here was a very strong motive,because you went without for so long and others tried to make it their victory and if they weren’t there you’d be back where you started was all you needed to help boost your determination! Take a bow. You did this. You! Yes you had help. Yes your husband sis his beat to protect you. Mostly I think he wanted the beat for you. He didn’t want you to put out something just to get known and heard. He wanted it to stay with people. He wanted the music to stick,and to show people, see I know talent when I see it. Being my wife doesn’t mean you got it. Her flow is what shows she’s got it!. It’s one thing to make a little bit with side project girls. It’s a completely different thing though when the projects your wife. It’s not a side project,and its not going to be a little hit. It’s a project that has a huge impact on your life. Since he loves the talent and wants to spend the rest of his life with the talent,he’d better !ake sure the help he gives is on point and just as important tohim as the projects is to ypou.

  2. Wow she played herself HARD . there aint enuff pr to come bak from this!! .. i feel its wrong for dude to take advantage of her being out her rite mind and all, but then again she talk so much junk its like its her own karma.

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