Funk Master Flex rant about Jay-Z
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Jay-Z Buying Hot 97 After Funkmaster Flex Hip-Hop Beef Stirs Up Over Rant?

Funkmaster Flex rant about Jay-Z

Rapper and hip hop music mogul Jay-Z is rumored to have been buying popular New York station Hot 97 following a rant attack on him by Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex.

Flex, who called Jay-Z a “commercial, corporate rapper,” began a rant on Jay-Z reportedly over a text message to Flex from Jay-Z.

In the text message, Jay-Z, also known as Mr. Carter, husband to Beyonce, apparently capitalized his name in the text which rubbed Flex the wrong way.

Flex, in his rant, referred to Jay-Z as the ‘commercial rapper that drops a catchphrase every three months’ claiming that ‘there’s nothing wrong with that [being corporate and commercial],’ but claims that Jay-Z shouldn’t ‘talk funny in text’ or ‘capitalize his name in his phone’ anymore.

Funkmaster Flex added that Jay-Z is basically no longer the ‘King of New York’ and that he and the station doesn’t need Jay-Z to succeed.

Following the rant, rumors started circulating that Jay-Z had contacted the station possibly ironing out a deal to purchase it.

So far, sources claim that the rumor is not true.

Meanwhile, check out Funkmaster Flex’s rant in the audio below.

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