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    Yung Ro

    Yung Ro is a independent artist hailing from St. Louis Mo. The young rapper is CEO of BPENT located in the downtown area. The company umbrellas a tattoo studio (Black Pearl Gallery), a recording studio, and non-profit youth foundation ( Yung Ro was given the title by his grandmother from Osaka, Japan. Yung meaning older brother and Ro for his birth name Roland Sato Lee. The independent music scene can be frustrating at times, but Ro’s career has been blessed. He has charted the billboard music charts twice and has received a abundance of national attention. Music isn’t his only passion. Yung Ro is quite a popular tattoo artist boasting of clients like Sadat X of Brand Nubian, NBA star Bradley Beal, and many more. Ro remembers when he was age 9 and St. Louis icon Nelly came in to get a tattoo by his father. Ro said he knew then he would pursue a career in both arts (tattoo & music).

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