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    What’s going on people!
    First off I want to say R.I.P to Lord Infamous. Still can’t accept the death as it happens so swift and unexpectedly. I’m not going to question God’s decision at all.
    Anyways what I need help is this one song I’ve been trying to find since 2005 I believe.
    The intro states a guy saying “Skimask Troopaz, Memphis Cocktail…..” As he’s introducing the people. Back in the day I read that the song was called “On A Mission” but it wasn’t by Skimask Troopaz on their album, the hook of the song went like this, “We on a mission, mission impossible, gun shots gun shots, haters in the hospital…… We getting dirty in these streets!”
    For years I’ve been trying to find that song.
    Can anyone tell me the name of this song please?

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