Review: Hustle & Flow Soundtrack

Hustle and Flow Original Movie Soundtrack

I was both impressed and disappointed with the soundtrack to Hustle & Flow. Let’s run’em down starting with track 1:

“I’m a King” ft PSC and Lil Scrappy has a crunk track produced by Lil Jon. And Lil Scrappy really came hard on dat thang mayne along with T.I. and PSC.

“Swerve” with Lil’ Boosie and Webbie was aiight. Dat n---a voice is irritating though. They really could’ve kept this off the soundtrack.

DJ Paul and Juicy J produced the track “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” featuring Shug and Terrance Howard aka D Jay performed it.

The Living Legends EightBall and MJG did “Tell Me Why” which is kinda like a love song with a space age pimping track with it. I love it !!!

On the track “P---y Niggaz”, this is the wackest song on here to me. They should’ve came harder.

“Whoop That Trick”!!! Get’em!!! This is Memphis ol’ school right here and I love it. Al Kapone wrote it and helped produced it with Lil Jon.

Trillville did “Man Up” and the track kinda sounds like “Knuck If U Buck” by Crime Mob. The song overall is tight with lyrics and a catchy chorus.

“Boyz n da Hood” rocked dat Carbon 15’s Ak’s and Mac11’s.

Nasty Nardo “Let’s Get a Room,” is the Shake junt Anthem for da summer.

Now I thought P. Diddy got rid of e’body from Makin Da Band except Babs and E. Ness, but he also kept Yung City aka Chopper. I got to say this young n---a is out da frame on the track “Lil’ Daddy”.

Juvenile (Juve the Great) along with Wacko and Skip did “Booty Language” and this is another Shakejunt Anthem.

Al Kapone wrote another song titled “Hustle & Flow” performed by D Jay and Shug.

“Murder Game” by PSC is weak and pure garbage to me. They should’ve kept it.

Al Kapone closed it with some Memphis music “Get Buck Get Crunk”.

Now I was disappointed in the soundtrack cause they didn’t have Yo Gotti on there or Lil Wyte and Three Six Mafia only produced one song and didn’t perform on here. What’s up with that????? But it was a good soundtrack and I gave it a 7 cause Gotti, Wyte, and Three 6 wasn’t on that thang bumping.

— GT

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