Lady Dolla Scarface album cover

Lady Dolla – Scarface Review

Lady Dolla Scarface album cover

Meet Lady Dolla of Cashville Tennessee. She’s the archetype of gangster-but-sexy ride or die female rappers worldwide, as keen to make a dope boy tremble and stiffen his fancy all in one glance.

She fills the prototypes of Cleopatra Sims from Set it off, Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill, or even the 70’s diva Foxy Brown. Lady Dolla leaves no room for games. One minute she’s fulfilling a man’s every pleasure to the fullest measure, the next she’s showing you she has more guns than the Baghdad insurgents of Iraq. With her street smarts, beauty, and business savvy demeanor, she’s landed a prominent position as the assistant to the CEO of Chopper City Records with the CEO being none other than Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey, formerly of Cash Money Records.

Dawn Lady Dolla Harrington’s Scarface album is a journey in the life and mind of Lady Dolla. With movie scene-like interludes and special feature recorded phone conversations as if she was the queen Oprah Winfrey herself, Scarface gives listeners bonus ear-candy to accompany Lady Dolla’s charismatic flair. The beat arrangements in “Pussycat” sounds similar to that of Beats by the Pound production that made Master P’s No Limit Records the powerhouse it was in the mid to late 90’s. Lady Dolla growls throughout the song showing us how she is the wrong lady to cross. The title track “Scarface” produced by Dave Aron is arguably the best and shortest song on the album. The song leaves listeners wanting more hooks and bars. It includes background synthesized chimes and kick drums that accompany Lady Dolla’s flow as she states how “she has the heat in her purse while she’s spitting the verse”. It sets the tone for “Ready 4 Whateva” featuring Lil Rock and Te Arthur the Great, on which Lady Dolla exhibits her versatility and range in choosing a unique production style incorporating an electric blues/rock guitar with catchy harmonious hooks and back beats. She displays her creative word play in “This buds 4 U” which sounds like a Spanish contemporary beat with a hint of salsa flavor. With this song, a club can sell many cases of Budweiser as Lady Dolla subliminally uplifts the beer giant and uses its name to substitute for the reference of ganja. Another song that could serve as a club anthem is “Cut da lights” which promotes the instance of “last call for alcohol.” The very sexy “Private Afterparty”, epitomizes the notion of “ghetto booty getting”. Lady Dolla mesmerizes admiring listeners with phrases like “anything you want” and “Bone Bone to da break of dawn.”

Lady Dolla shows her swag throughout the entire album, leaning on trusted collaborators and a worthy production team. Scarface shows Lady Dolla’s fans that there is much to come in the future and plenty “Sunshine” in the horizon for her career. With the direct support of B.G. and the rest of the Chopper City family, look for her to make mad noise in the southern rap community. She shows herself worthy of carrying the torch for all southern rap mistresses.

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