Yo Gotti Interview: Talks Cocaine Muzik 6 Mixtape, Live From The Kitchen Album

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In an interview with, rapper Yo Gotti recently spoke on his latest mixtape from his Cocaine Muzik series, CM6, and his upcoming major album debut ‘Live from the Kitchen.’ In the interview which took place at Yo Gotti’s official listening party for Cocaine Muzik 6 in Memphis, TN, Gotti reveals what fans can expect from him on his new projects, what a typical day in the life of Gotti is like, opening a new lounge and restaurant in Memphis, and more.

First speaking on the highly anticipated “Live From The Kitchen” album, Yo Gotti reveals that the album will be a “classic” filled with hot singles and collaborations with the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, I&E artist Zed Zilla, and others including Ciara who is featured on the first single off the album “We Can Get It On.”

In regards to his newest mixtape, Cocaine Muzik 6, Yo Gotti says the mixtape will be a definite continuation of what fans have come to expect from the Cocaine Muzik series but possibly “the best one so far.”

Going back to his North Memphis roots, Gotti says, in the hood, there’s a saying “you’re going nowhere fast like you running in space,” so he believes “you got to grow on whatever you do.”

“If you don’t want to out-do the last one, then you’re already losing,” Yo Gotti adds.

In the interview, Yo Gotti also reveals that “outside of rap,” a typical day in the life of Yo Gotti is focusing on his money, ‘kickin’ it’ in his hood, handling his ‘biz’ such as getting his new lounge and restaurant open in Memphis, hangin’ out with his kids and jokingly he adds, “talking to some these n****s’ gals and having fun.”

On a serious side, Yo Gotti gives advice to upcoming artists saying “get your team, build your team, stay focused, don’t depend on nobody to do anything for you” while adding that if you are from Memphis, his advice is to “never go against the King.”

Following his advice, Gotti reveals that the next thing for Yo Gotti is releasing I&E artist Zed Zilla.

Check out the video interview with Yo Gotti..

Yo Gotti Video Interview: Talks CM6 Mixtape, Live From the Kitchen + New Restaurant and more – Rapper Yo Gotti talks with about working on his “Cocaine Muzik 6” (CM6) mixtape, his long awaited major album debut “Live From The Kitchen,” his future work, opening a new restaurant and lounge in Memphis, TN, and he gives advice to upcoming artists, and more.

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