Al Kapone

“Whoop That Trick” Producer, Songwriter Al Kapone Talks Industry, New Music, Reality TV?!

Al Kapone

Al Kapone reveals to the multiple hats he wears in the music business including how he went from a Memphis underground rapper into becoming the Memphis Grammy Chapter President including his biggest challenge during his transition to the prominent position. The rapper, songwriter and music producer also talks about the Industry, new music projects and more.

Claimed by many as the ‘godfather’ of underground rap out of Memphis, Kapone, who reveals he’s also now a celebrity DJ on Hot 107.1, spoke on what he’s been up to since performing at the 2013 Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival and touches on his hit song “Whoop That Trick” from the Craig Brewer movie Hustle & Flow, which was reignited this year when it became a sports-themed chant during the 2012-2013 Memphis Grizzlies NBA Playoffs season.

Along with music business, Kapone also speaks on new music projects he’s been working on and more in the brief interview.

Al Kapone reveals he’s been working on new music with his son, new artist Young AJ Do It and he also reveals that after being on Craig Brewer’s MTV webseries 5 Dollar Cover, he was close to having his own reality TV spin-off show following the series.

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Photo of Al Kapone and Young AJ Do What’s up Kapone? What have you been up to, why haven’t you gotten up with us for a while?

Al Kapone: Been working on new artist Young AJ Do It. His new song Live & Faded is being played on Hot 107.1 and we got the website up You performed at this year’s Memphis In May, which you’ve been on the lineup before. What was it like this year for you compared to previous years?

Al Kapone: I did 2 shows on 2 different stages back to back. It was high energy!

Photo of Al Kapone at Grizzlies Many know you today for the Hustle & Flow “Whoop That Trick” song and the movie’s theme song; last season your song “Whoop That Trick” became the Memphis Grizzlies chant of the fans during the NBA Playoffs, how did that come about and how did it feel hyping up the crowd?

Al Kapone: It started with the instrumental being played at all the games. But this playoffs season the crowd started chanting it more than ever and it became the unofficial theme song. We know even Queen Latifah expressed her love for Whoop That Trick before, if you had the opportunity to work with anyone in the music/entertainment industry at this time, who would that one person or people be?

Al Kapone: That’s a hard question because I have no favs. I am a fan of so many. What types of productions have you been working on lately?

Al Kapone: Mainly Young AJ Do It.

Al Kapone Lyrical Drive What many of your fans today might not know is that you’re legendary in Memphis rap underground from the Memphis hip hop underground era. What would you say is one of your most popular albums and songs from back in the “Lyrical Drive By” days?

Al Kapone: Lyrical Drive By for sure! and Memphis to the Bombed Out Bay also Going All Out. Since your underground days, you have worn many hats being in the music business such as being the former Memphis Grammy Chapter President. Tell us exactly how did you transition from underground to such a prominent position?

Al Kapone: I knew we had a Grammy chapter here in Memphis and wanted to know more about it. I started by becoming a member then ran for a Governor’s position. After becoming a Governor, I ran for president and won! I just took a chance and won. I made a lot of connections being involved in with the Recording Academy and glad I went for it. What was your biggest challenge during your transition?

Al Kapone: Having to address the board at the meetings, making sure I kept a balance of being corporate and maintaining my personality. What year was it that you were the President at the Grammy Chapter?

Al Kapone: 2008 – 2009 We know that in this business sometimes we wear many hats, what other hats have you worn that others may not be aware of?

Al Kapone: Manager, Promoter, Advisor, Road Manager. Now, outside of music, we’ve heard that you are somewhat of a health-nut, is that true?

Al Kapone: Not really. I’m just aware of what’s good for the body. I’m not strict like I should be. Have you ever thought about going into another entertainment field such as acting?

Al Kapone: No because I can’t act. If I took some theater classes I probably could.

Al Kapone and Young AJ on the set of Five Dollar How about reality TV?

Al Kapone: I was in MTV webseries 5 Dollar Cover with my son. We almost had our own spin off show. Coming back to music, what’s on your schedule or better yet, what’s next for Al Kapone?

Al Kapone: I always have something up my sleeve but right now I’m a celebrity DJ on Hot 107.1 and 96.5 FM in N. Mississippi every Friday from 7PM to 12 midnight. I am also pushing Young AJ Do It, go to How do people go about finding or getting in touch with you regarding features, booking, production or other business?

Al Kapone: They can go to Any last words on anything we didn’t cover?

Al Kapone: Follow me on Instagram or Twitter @alkaponememphis and my new also check out my music at

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