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Muck Sticky, Check Out What Comedy Rapping Is All About

Deanna Brown, host of’s M-Town Talk column, conducts a music interview with comedy rap/hip-hop group Muck Sticky.

Deanna Brown: So how did Muck Sticky get its name?

Muck Sticky: It came from a combination of things. I wanted to give myself a ‘one name’ title. ‘Beck’ is my favorite artist and in 2000, ‘Muck’ was an uncommon word. When I decided upon that name, I was driving and heard the word ‘Sticky’ in a song. Right then the two came together and I knew it was meant to be.

Deanna Brown: Who all is a part of this colorful group?

Muck Sticky: Obviously my name is Muck Sticky. But my entourage consists of Momma Sticky (my mom), Cookie (my sister), Wood (the midget), and DJ Furley Wally.

Deanna Brown: So do you find it easier and more fun to work with your family?

Muck Sticky: Absolutely! We have a job where we do what we love, and we love what we do.

Deanna Brown: So what genre of music do you feel like your group falls under?

Muck Sticky: Kids Music for Adults. (Happy Alternative Rap)

Deanna Brown: I know you have been on the rise for a while and have gathered many fans, What would you say is your most memorable moment so far?

Muck Sticky: Performing at a sold out Mud Island show in 2003 with Saliva. I saw my first concert there when I was 12.

Deanna Brown: What are some new projects your working on?

Muck Sticky: We have two albums coming out this summer. June 3rd will be ‘Muck Sticky is my friend’. Then in August we are releasing an album called ‘For the Kids’. Some cool music that parents can give their young children to listen to and know there will be no vulgarities.

Deanna Brown: How do you feel about the Memphis music scene?

Muck Sticky: I am honored to be a part of this community. Memphis has given birth to some of the best music this world has ever known. We have a vast array of artists and musical styles which makes for a fun place to be an entertainer.

Deanna Brown: What would you say is your best accomplishment as a group so far?

Muck Sticky: Our best accomplishment is inspiring people to find peace and purpose in life. We receive thousands of emails each week from people who find happiness when listening to our music. That is priceless!

Deanna Brown: So I see you will be performing at Memphis in May Music Festival this year (2008), do you see this as a big step for you?

Muck Sticky: It is a dream come true! The Beale Street Music Fest is an event that has brought our city great music for a long time. We are honored to be a part of Memphis music history and to be given such a large platform to share our good vibes on.

Deanna Brown: What should we be expecting from Muck Sticky in the future?

Muck Sticky: A lot of fun music and video.

Deanna Brown: What would you like to say to all of your fans?

Muck Sticky: Thank you for being so dedicated and enthusiastic! We love our TRIBE MEMBERS! If it weren’t for our fans telling other people ‘hey, you gotta check out Muck Sticky’, we would not be doing so well.

Deanna Brown: Well I appreciate your time, and good luck to you and your crew in the future!

Muck Sticky: Thank you! Muck Sticky loves!

You can check Muck Sticky out at

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