Mr Sche Dark Buck Crunk

Mr. Sche – Asks Whatcha In The Game For, If All You Do Is Mixtapes?

Mr Sche Dark Buck Crunk

Mr. Sche is always on the grind doing his own thing whether you like it or not. In an interview with, Mr. Sche came with the real letting up and coming artists and producers know that the beginning Diddy days just gonna leave you were you started at.

“I hate rappers. Im a business man that happens to have skills for making tracks and lacing vocals over hot beats. If I was “Just a Rapper” I’d be a broke muthaf**ka and part of the statistics of rappers eventually reaching the age of 40 “Still Trying To Get A Record Deal”. Naw not me. I’d rather make an original song…. When Im in the streets, ni**as always coming up to me, ” Dog I got A New Album, 10 Dollars “. Im like ni**a I don’t want no gad**n mixtape

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