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Photo - Evil Pimp album cover Go Hard or Go Home

Some of our readers might not know who Evil Pimp is so we caught up with the underground rapper for an exclusive interview.

MemphisRap: Some of our readers might not know who Evil Pimp is can you tell them who is Evil Pimp?

Evil Pimp: I’m one of the hardest ni**az comin outta Memphis. Producer, Writer of everything coming off of Slaughterhouse Records, which is located in Miami.

MemphisRap: You in Texas now, how long have you been out there?

Evil Pimp: Actually pimpin I just moved here about 3 months ago. Everything is different in Texas… I love it especially the senoritas. I’mma have to make a couple Mexican babies down here mane.

MemphisRap: Lol. Dig dat. Do you have any plans to return to Memphis?

Evil Pimp: Me and my business partner thought about it but Memphis is just not the same anymore for music. Nobody is tryin to make Memphis stand out from the Atlanta crunk music scene. Back in the day when I was there we had our own distinctive style that even today goes harder than anythang out there right now.

MemphisRap: I feel you on that. str8 up! So who’s hot out there in Texas right now besides yourself?

Evil Pimp: You know my boy Lil Flip and Paul Wall holding it down. I actually just hollered at Flip the other day to do some tracks so we’ll see how that goes down mane. But I gotta give mad love to Bun B and everyone else here puttin it down hard for this Texas sh**. But nothing compares to the old Memphis days.

MemphisRap: Fa sho.So, you’ve kinda changed your style from the evil, dark and mystic music that we know of Evil Pimp in the past, right?

Evil Pimp: Well I wouldnt say changed I’m gonna always have evil music on my sh** period. I just gotta put it down how it really is and thats pimp sh** forever. I was more hard in my younger days now its about getting paid and getting laid. So I gotta rap about what I know. But alot of the fans have been telling me I need to do that evil sh** and so you know I make music for them and nobody else so if evil sh** is what they want evil sh** is what they will get.

MemphisRap: What other things brought on the change?

Evil Pimp: Age and growth. I’m a pimp for real no fake pimp. I seen some famous rappers get on tv and when asked how to turn a girl out one of them said he didnt know how and it was all entertainment… Well for me I can write a book on pimpin so instead of writin a book I’m gonna put it on wax. So that is what brought on the change from evil to straight pimp sh**. and for the record its not hard for a pimp.

MemphisRap: Dig dat. Has this harmed the loyalty of your fans?

Evil Pimp: No I wouldn’t say it is because even the hardest ni**az out there love p---y and I’m speakin on how to break that b**ch and make it work. plus I am gonna always have some evil sh** on the cd. Most people just love the fact you can put my cd in and play it from beginning to end without skippin any tracks

MemphisRap: When you changed your style do you feel that others started mimicking the old Evil Pimp and now getting credit for something that you created?

Evil Pimp: Yeah I see alot of these younger rappers trying to put it down the way I can… but they just cant do it. People know an Evil Pimp beat when they here it just as they know a Three 6 Mafia beat or a Lil Jon beat when they hear it. our beats can’t be reproduced they can be bootlegged but like a bootleg its never gonna be the original.

MemphisRap: Fa sho. So, what’s on the plate right now for Evil Pimp?

Evil Pimp: Right now we are trying to get these albums finished up…. just got done recording the album for Stan Man’s solo on his label Da Man Entertainment which is a joint venture. Stan Man keep it hard all the way thru. straight killa sh**. he reppin Memphis to the fullest.

MemphisRap: What have you been doing other than music?

Evil Pimp: Right now I’m just enjoyin the money I made from the Exorcist Returns and chillin. Spending time with my kids. I had to a break from the music and focus on my family. I was on the road so much I don’t see my kids grow up the first few years of their life

MemphisRap: Dig dat. Peep this. Weren’t you one of the original cats down with Prophet Posse nem back in the day?

Evil Pimp: Actually I was down wit some of the original members, but I was doin my own thang.

MemphisRap: What are your thoughts on Three 6 Mafia and the whole making the history at the Oscars thang?

Evil Pimp: You know you gotta give them much respect for their accomplishments. I cant hate on them ni**az. Now I guess they have even more sh** to brag about on their songs now…(laughs)

MemphisRap: So who is Evil Pimp running with these days?

Evil Pimp: Well you know I got my group Krucifix Klan which is Playa Rob, Stan Man, Ms Insain, Drama Queen, Crazy Mane, Lil Bone. I also got my old group Death Trilogy and Terror Click. You’re gonna see them albums this year. or early next year

MemphisRap: What can fans expect from Evil Pimp in 2006?

Evil Pimp: You can expect the albums Go Hard or Go Home the album and No Bigga Pimp the mixtape. also we’re gonna drop Pimp Sh** Easy and Reversing Da Game early next year or late this year. Also look out for Stan Mans album “Stan Da F**kin Man” to be out before the summer. contact Da Man Entertainment for more details. produced by the one and only.

MemphisRap: Thanks for doing this interview with We hope to do this again sometime soon.

Evil Pimp: Fa sho pimpin mane you guys reppin hard for Memphis and you know I’m Memphis til I D.I.E so I gotta show ya’ll mad love.

MemphisRap: Do you have any thing you’d like to say to fans and readers?

Evil Pimp: Buy the albums and make sure to support this Memphis thang cuz it looks like the only people who can put Memphis on the map is us underground rappers.

Slaughterhouse Records – 2006

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