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DJ Lady Tribe – The West Coast Murda Mami

She’s sexy, she’s hot, she’s hip and she’s a DJ. But she’s not you’re ordinary DJ, she’s DJ Lady Tribe and she’s the “West Coast Murda Mami”. DJ Lady Tribe speaks with about her current and upcoming projects and her passion for ‘street tagging’ (graffiti painting).

She’s one ‘down a** chick’, but can you ‘get down’ with her or rather can you get up with her as her latest graffiti adventure was a skyscraping billboard towering over the streets of Los Angeles which is where this Murda Mami says is how she got into painting. When asked about her graffiti and how she got into it, Lady Tribe simply states “Ya know just chillin on the streeets in my hood!”

“I hate that word rebel.. I was known as the uppest female graffiti artist bomber and they [the news] tried to make an example of me,” says Lady Tribe regarding her latest hassles which stemmed from her graffiti work. After getting busted for vandalism and placed on house arrest, DJ Lady Tribe started DJ’ing and wanted to battle, but instead was turned on to doing shows.

I can tell you one thing that we learned about DJ Lady Tribe in our interview with her and that’s that you can’t judge a sexy book by it’s cover.

This is ya dawg, M Town Luv, chatting with the hot and sexy DJ Lady Tribe who’ll be in Memphis this May 7th for the hot DUB Mag AutoShow and Concert. For those who don’t know DJ Lady Tribe tell them who you are and where
you’re from?

DJ Lady Tribe: Big bad a** city of Los Angeles!! You’re actually known for DJ’ing and graffati too, so how did this all come

DJ Lady Tribe: Ya know just chillin on the streeets in my hood! You actually was on the news for your work on a train or something where you ran into a lil trouble with the law. What was that all about? Are you sort of a rebel?

DJ Lady Tribe: I hate that word rebel.. Nah I was known as the uppest female graffiti artist bomber and they tried to make an example of me..The news heard about it and did a story on me. You can check it out in video section of my website! Since you can’t do graffiti the villian way, how do you cope with the urge to spray?

DJ Lady Tribe: I still paint ..I just did a billboard twice u can see on just wait for everything to download that was like 3 weeks ago. How did a sexy lady like yourself have the nerves to jump a bus and pimp it out with your art? Were you like a tomboy coming up?

DJ Lady Tribe: I guess.. I just didn’t give a f**k!! Ok, you’re currently on tour with the Dub Magazine Car Show and Concert, how did this come about?

DJ Lady Tribe: That is like my dj dream come true to be the headlining dj for a huge tour like that!! I was the dj for the Pepsi motion tour for a couple years and I’ve known Dub since I was a young girl they know my street rep from back in the days! I got mad love for the whole DUB family !! FoLife You’ll be in Memphis on May 7th or earlier?

DJ Lady Tribe: I’ll be there on the 7th so come down and say whas up!! It’ll be worth it we only come around once a year!! Will you be hitting the town and is your schedule in and out?

DJ Lady Tribe: I’m hitten the town that night after the show so I wanna go 2 a hot spot!! So when you’re not touring or DJ’ing what else do you do?

DJ Lady Tribe: I’m a graffiti artist, I just started acting and I’m doing 4 independent hip hop movies in a month! I just finished a mixtape LA 2 NY pt 2 …And my mixtape DVD. If someone wants to catch up with you where can they find you?

DJ Lady Tribe: bookings section Coming to the end, is there anything you would like to add before we wrap
it up?

DJ Lady Tribe: Thanks for havin me!!! Check out 3 weeks from know, it’ll be the s**t!!!!! Be a member and get my new NY 2 LA pt2 for free as well as 15 other mixtapes to download as well as all the behind the scene footages of filming my movies doing graff and pics of all my homechicks!!

Shouts to MURDA MAMIS and TKO MOBB Aight aight, I appreciate the luv, and we look forward to chopping it up again sometime.

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