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Memphis rapper and business entrepreneur 2 Shay returns to talk with about his upcoming project ‘Welcome To Ridgemont’. Whassup dawg, so how’s everything going with you?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: E?thing is good! You know me, always on the grind. Everyday, I?m hustlin?? You’ve been a busy man lately from doing radio shows, mixtapes and some mo’ s--t right?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Yeah dats wassup? but we don?t do mixtapes anymore, we do actual full length CD?s with all original music. No jacked beats. The latest one is ?Welcome To Ridgemont Vol. 2?. It?s in stores on the counters for $3.00 in Memphis, $10.00 everywhere else and on the website. or at As far as radio, we got the ND radio show on Saturday mornings on K-97 from 9-10:00. (whrk-97 Memphis, TN)( Yeah, you can catch us on the web too. It?s hosted by myself and Devin Steele and my man Peppa Mouth of the South?big up to Pep! We play mostly underground music from the Memphis area. The show was developed by the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission ( of which I am on the executive board.

I?m also on the Memphis Music Foundation board. Tell us about the radio show first and how it’s been working out for you.

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records:The radio show is cool. It gives us a chance to showcase some of Memphis? talent. It seems to be pretty successful. I get a lot of calls after the shows air. People are listening. What are some of the guests you’ve had on the show?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records:We interview a person that is in the music industry and from the Memphis area, but has risen to national prominence in the industry. For example, we have interviewed Three-Six Mafia, Carlos Broady (Producer), Mickey (Memphitz) Wright (A&R Jive Records) and a whole gang of others. Any special upcoming guests you have lined up you can tell us about?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records:Yeah, we got an 8 Ball/MJG show coming. We got a Jazze Pha show coming. Lets see?oh we got a Justin Timberlake show and a Johnnie Walker show coming. How can artists who want to be on the show get their music aired or get scheduled to appear on the show?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: All they have to do is get the music to me. They can send it to:

Memphis Sound Records Box 281148 Memphis, TN 38168 Attn: ND Radio c/o A&R Dept. What’s your take on compilation CD?s, I mean do you feel they are as valid as albums in the Industry?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Hell yeah! They are better than most of the bullsh*t that these major labels are dumping out there in the public. We got heat for real. ?Welcome To Ridgemont Vol. 1? sold over 1000 CD?s in about two and a half months. And a lot of the sales are actual soundscan sales. A lot are sold out of the trunk too. ?Cause you know we?ll post up in a parking lot and wang them sh*ts out the trunk in a heartbeat. We grind for real out here?and this ain?t no Hollywood movie either. So do you feel Mixtapes and Comps. will be around much longer or are they just a fad, and another publicity effort?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Yeah, I think so?cause the fans are going to the record stores requesting the CD?s now. So, the buzz is really building. You got to hear the product. The CD is banging for real! Aight, now tell us about your latest mixtapes and how they’ve been working out for you.

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Honstly, the last Mixtape I did was the ?Memphis Car Audio Mix CD?. We put about 15,000 of them sh*ts in the market. It was an historical situation for Memphis because it was the first sponsored Mix CD ever in Memphis. The first Mix CD in Memphis to be backed by a business or corporation that was not actually in the music business. We helped to launch Freddy Hydro to stardom on that one. We also helped to create a buzz on a lot of local artists with that CD also. A lot of artists were exposed on that CD. Who’s featured on ?Welcome To Ridgemont Vol. 2?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: The CD has songs with P-Smoov, David Banner, Bun B, 8 Ball, Al Kapone, , Yo Gotti, Tom Skeemask, Rizzod Rod, Memphis Plat, M. F. , and others. We also introduce an R&B artist Ms. Alicia Washington. This is the CD that?s gonna carry us through the summer. We got Rizzod Rod and P-Smoov on deck with the next CD release for the fall. Where can folks pick ’em up?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: You can get them at, Cat?s Records, Pop Tunes,, and if you see me, P-Smoov or any of the artists on the CD in the streets get one or two from us. Did some of your artists drop from the label or are they still around but in the background for a moment?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Yeah I see you are wit the sh*t?(laughing). Naw here?s the deal?it?s all about motivation. We don?t want to hold anyone back and at the same time we are not going to let anyone hold us back. The train is moving, so if you are on it you got hold on and help the train to move faster and stronger. If you can?t do that, then we put you on ice for a sec until you build your strength up. So what’s next on the Shay-Dawg plate as of now?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: We will be doing Live At ( on WREG News Channel 3. We are shooting the ?Memphis Honeys (Raw & Uncut) DVD this Spring. We will release the DVD for the Summer. The ?Rizzod Rod CD will be dropping this Summer. P-Smoov?s ?Ghetto Scholarship? CD will drop this Fall. ?Welcome To Ridgemont Vol. 3? will be dropping this fall also. That will take us through the rest of the year. We did the Ridgemont block party and concert already. Dig dat. Mayne, Ima be honest cause s--t I’m just ready to be real like that. A lot of people I’ve spoken with was and probably still is pissed about the $2 CD you’ve put out. As far as myself I feel like it devalues quality music making it not only seem as you have no value, but other artists as well. What’s your response to that and those that feel like the game has sunk to putting out $2 and mostly $7 releases (I won’t say album because most ain’t) and even some giving em’ away?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: I feel you on that, but here?s the deal? I can either give away promotional music or sell it and let the promotions pay for themselves. Which would you do? Also keep this in mind, I had to find a way to get around radio and get my music heard. Mane, you know like I know, that the radio stations are not supporting Memphis artists the way that they should? and hell, I got a radio show! So this is how I get to my fans, create a fan base, get heard, and basically tell radio to go f*ck theirself because we are still selling CD?s. The fans are getting a deal. Retail is happy. And the people that grind get to eat. Cause everyone can make money off the CD?s we put out. That?s wassup! And I am not about to let people from New York or wherever decide my fate because they won?t play my music on the radio station that they control. So, I will create a buzz on my artists big enough in the streets, that they will have to play it. I ain?t waitin? on no one. I?m truly independent and outta control! We got our own studio, we press CD?s in house, therefore we can control the prices that we put on the CD?s. We cut the price and bust the heads of the competition, sell our CD?s and make it happen. We will press CD?s for other people too. We got the love prices and fast turnaround. Dig dat. I feel ya on some of that. I’ma be frank again though, I’m ready to see and hear some s--t folks would be glad to pay $15 or even $20 for cause it got ‘dem’ fire a-s new artists, originality, and more-than-just-hooks heat on it, like the compilations we been planning since ‘bookoos’ ago and getting ready to finally start on this year.

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: I feel you on that. Cause I?m tired of hearing the same ol? track and lyrics and wack production. But, I can honestly say, it?s some folks out here in the ?M? that are mixing their a-s off. Have your mixtapes and ?Welcome To Ridgemont? releases helped you and the artists you’re working with? Shed some light for me, tell me something good.

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Hell yeah! My dude P-Smoov got a buzz the size of New York in Memphis. The record label brand is being recognized. We are getting a lot of shows. We just opened up fo Young Buck. We?ve been offered scripts for some upcoming movies. Mayne, we ain?t playin! Ok, your artist P-Smoov he’s been getting a little shine lately. Whassup wit him and when does his s--t drop?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Right now we are priming the market for P-Smoov. Man, let me tell you a little about Smoov. Mayne this brother is the dream artist that a person could work with. He got a killer style. He grinds in the streets harder than any other artist that I have worked with. He is the truth. He is or has lived thre sh*t he raps about. He has street credibility, charisma and credibility. And most importantly, he sees the big picture! That?s what it takes to be a star! So all of you aspiring artists that?s tryin? to come up, work on those parts of your package?because I give you my word, it takes every bit of those to be a star on a national or world level. As for yourself does 2 Shay have any upcoming solo projects or any good to inform the readers about?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: I honestly hadn?t planned another CD for myself until sometime next year. I am however working on a movie that I?m writing. I hope to start shooting by the fall of next year. I also do consultant work for other labels to help them get their label off the ground and running without breaking the bank. Aight mayne, I want to again thank you for taking this time out from yo busy schedule to interview with us and we looking forward to doing it again sometime soon.

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records: Thanks for having me. Are there any last words for the fans, the Industry, anybody?

2 Shay/Memphis Sound Records:Yeah, go to the website to see what is going on with ya peeps. Also please don?t forget to sign up on the email list or fan club list so that we can send you FREE music, clothes, posters and other prizes. That?s also how we keep our people up on what?s happening with us. And lastly and most importantly, I want to sincerely thank the people that show love and support what we are doing. Cause without y?all, mayne we would be doing something else. Thanks from all of us at Memphis Sound/Shay-Dawg Ent. Aight mayne, stay up!

Memphis Sound Records – 2006

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