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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s K. Michelle & Toya: War Of Words On Memphitz Beating (Video)

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta drama just keeps unfolding and again, it has to do with K. Michelle. It seems that K. Michelle is being called schizophrenic and Antonia “Toya” Wright, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, who is now the wife of music executive Mickey “Memphitz” Wright has something to say about K. Michelle downing her man.

During an interview, Toya said K. Michelle, who once dated her music executive husband (Memphitz), went off running at the mouth about allegedly being beat by her husband and had been mouthing about MempHitz and her.

Now Toya is questioning the validity of K. Michelle’s claims asking where’s the proof, police reports, messages and more.

“I wasn’t there when you all had the altercation, true, but I’m going to be 100% supportive of my man,” says Toya, who says she has known MempHitz for six years.

Toya went on to say that K. Michelle needs to stop trying to gain ratings from her husband after the producer Mona Scott contacted MempHitz to come on the reunion show for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.

Toya was skeptical MempHitz participating in the reunion, “She [K. Michelle] has no storyline, you are her storyline. Why would you.. be a part of that?”

To add more to the fuel, Toya allegedly stated that K. Michelle is a bonafide schizo (schizophrenic) too and doesn’t have custody of her son.

So what did K. Michelle have to say about that?

K. Michelle, born Kimberly Pate, sarcastically posted on Twitter that she better take her pills for schizophrenia before the government comes and takes her child, whom she dropped off at school on Monday. The R&B singer went on to send a blessing out to Toya and said she finds it sad when people resort to trying to hurt others to keep up a public image.

“Damn I wonder if I’m crazy enough to get some medicine and a check. I don’t turn down no checks. We cashing out. #Balling hahahaha,” tweeted K. Michelle.

And to support why K. Michelle didn’t press charges against MempHitz, the singer told the Breakfast Club during a radio interview that she didn’t want to destroy MempHitz’ career and love stopped her from filing. In addition, K. Michelle claims are that MempHitz allegedly even got more heated when the King of R&B, R. Kelly brought the singer under his wing as a protege.


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