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Tennessee Titans… Yall Remember This Old Skool Memphis Shit

Here is the song and the lyrics to the Tennessee Titans song feat. Gangsta Boo, Yo Gotti, Haystak, Criminal Mane and Maru which was produced by Drumma Boy.

Tela talking
Play no games (Whoa)
We about to light this thang here up (Whoa)
Tennessee Titans, titans huddle up, huddle up
Blackhaven’s finest Young Drummer Boy, busy style best believe it
Memphis, Chattanooga, we goin’ long all the way to Nashville
Let’s do all of it, Tennessee baby, rep it good
Boo, do the damn thang girl

[Gangsta Boo]
Why chu, why chu find the one that wants to come-a-come against this lady
Had to change my style cuz imitators out to get me
Tela called me up said let’s bump somethin’ in the studio
Let ’em know just how the Tennessee Tiz-itans do it, ho
Rumble on the river, I deliver pain that never ends
Ridin’ in the EXT, in the house the flat screen
It’s the M to the E to the M to the P
P-I-M-P-I-N-G, on my way to get my rims cleaned


[Yo Gotti]
Tennessee hearted slash, Cristal, no Barker’s slash
Who think they harder than them M-Town block burners, slash
See me in my truck, on them twenty-three inch buttons slash
Can’t stop this pimpin’ sippin’ Hennesey in pimpin’ slash
Young, Boo, Jag, Dope Boy, Mister Out-the-Frame
Clicked up and doin’ s--t with Rap-A-Lot and Tela man
It’s Yo Gotti slash get it right and keep it right
It’s North Memphis slash mighty fight and Tenn-a-tight

Tennessee, twenty-threes we keep it clean man
Tennessee, in a city of Hennesey man
Tennessee, in the land of goody-good and
Tennessee, interior woody-wood and
Tennessee, laced in Prada, Gucci
Tennessee, where them girls pop that coochie
Tennessee, Sprewells spinnin’ on Beale huh
Grains and grills huh, this s--t is real huh

Blow stacks, dope tracks, roll sacks
Keep it clickin’ like Kodaks
My homeboy just can’t hold back
From this and that
Digital, analog damage all, I’ll damage y’all
Y’all wanna get y’all family ball
Like cannonballs we hit, syrup that we spit
No maybe so’s or maybe not’s
It’s guaranteed with Rap-A-Lot
Condition my mind and I’m convinced that it’s time
To come out and change the game like J. Prince in his prime


[Criminal Mane]
Yo, let me just handle my business cuz I don’t play
I’m a two forty tank on big, f--k what you say
I run up out a hole and get on come on join
I get a freak and serve every last one before the morn
Out of bounds trick, never Crimin stay in to win
And if I fall get ya right back up succeed again
On the block spot, we too hot just call my horn
I got them thangs goin’ for the ten b---h and it’s on


From Memphis all the way to Chattanooga
Maru’s the combatant with that patent s--t that’s gonna scatter through ya
POW, now who the f--k thought all we did is ride cows and horses
Of course we got that hay for the low just to pay for the Porsches
And Lacs, big bodies about two birds in the back
Serve it and crack it and if ya slip ya ain’t heard ya get jacked
Lay it down my n---a, throw the mack in yo face
We bout the dollars, high-priced pimpin’ God I’m lovin’ this place


Yeah this is the Tennessee flipper man
The big-body flipper man, Blackhaven’s ripper man
I’m best cuz I differ man
I drank from the river man, blew dank from the river
F--k with me I got this key close the banks of the river man
Memphis born and raised us, blazin’ buds with Davis
“Sho ‘Nuff” the brother who gon’ take a s--t up in Graceland
Watch what ya said when ya talk about replacin’
The don of the gavin’ and gravin’ the bill payments


Memphis been reppin the Titans since ’98 Whaaaat!

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