8ball Deanna Memphis Rap Haymakers Project

Haymakers Project

Last Thursday night me and my ladies went to check out this new live hip-hop band thats been buzzing around Memphis. They opened up for Free Sol at Newby’s a few weeks ago and since then ive heard nothing but great things. The night started off around 10 at Cafe Ole in midtown on the patio. It felt great outside and it was a real chilled atmosphere, me and the ladies were loving it! The band started off with a Dj playing some real (feel good) music…everything from Al green to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. With a margarita in one hand and a patron shot in the other, it didn’t take long before a crowd formed and we was dancing. Not to mention 8Ball was in the house kicking it tough and hanging at my table. Of course, it was a table of all beautiful women:) The band covered a few songs and had some good originals as well. It was a great turn out and definitely a must see! This Thursday, Oct 9th the band will preform again at Cafe Ole at Cooper and Young in Midtown. The crowd gets going around 11 and the margaritas are flowing all night. This is thier last performance on the patio for the season so make sure you come check it out and support your local music.

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