Lord T and Eloise Aristocrunk

Aristocrunk Meets Memphis Rap

As you may have noticed, alot of your favorite old school Memphis Rappers have completely fallen off the face of the earth. You ain’t heard from them since ’95 but some have actually stuck around and formulated something new age and made it work for them and their careers. Some of these few have linked up with new group Lord T and Eloise and added their flavor to this new found “Aristocrunk.” You should be expecting to hear some of your favorites lay it down on a new sound by mid summer! Here is what Lord T, Eloise, and the rest of the group had to say about it:

As many of you know, we have been working on our new record “Chairmen of the Bored” at a leisurely pace, as we are oft known to do. The ephemeral, physical distractions of life have us indulging in trips to our Vineyards, bullion and crude oil buying expeditions, and truffle picking, country strolls…

However, I thought it important that we give you an idea when the new record will be laid upon the masses to feast upon , featuring some tracks which you have already become familiar such as “Hot,” “Palm Beach,” “Coup D’Etat,” and many others…

The record will be done and for sale by the end of June or early July and will feature 8Ball, Nakia Shyne, Al Kapone, Skinny Pimp, Dirt Nasty, The Pnuma Trio, Cody Dicksinson from The North Mississippi Allstars, Kaz, and a couple of others that I will not announce yet as the tracks are not complete.

Much Love to Memphis Artists and the diverse musical heritage of this city! We are blessed to reside here and to work with the good artists and the people of this city.

And many thanks to all of you aristophiles out there, for whom, our artistic endeavors are dedicated, always, and thanks to all those who we saw this weekend at Music Fest and Oxford and Birmingham. Je t’adore….

Until next time…..stay laissez-faire….


Lord Alouicious Treadwell, Maurice Eloise XIII, MysterE and DJ Witnesse

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