Playa Fly


Ibn Young, professionally known as Playa Fly, entered into this world September 2, 1977 in Memphis, TN. From the age of two, Fly’s father, the late, great Bill Chill, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae along with aunts and uncles raised him on the South side of Memphis on South Parkway. Contrary to popular belief, Playa Fly was NEVER a member of the group Three 6 Mafia now known as Da Mafia 6.

Just because I spit a few verses on a song doesn’t mean I f#^ wit you!

From a young age, Fly was introduced to music through his Father, the famed musician Willie David Young. A.K.A, Mr. Bill Chill, who was a former member of The Avantis and The Ovations.

My grandmother was C.O.G.I.C. and I remember my first performance was quoting scriptures that I had memorized in front of the congregation…

By age 13, Fly was doing more than just reciting verses. He began performing in front of small audiences including family members, friends and more. His father took him under his wing and taught him the ropes of the music industry. He registered with BMI at the age of 15 and released his first underground album when he was 16 working with other local artists and DJs. At the time, he used the stage name Lil Fly.

Fly was featured on Three-6-Mafias album Mystic Stylez on at least three songs. Less than a year later, he began to work on his underground album Gettin It On which included the hit singles Gettin It On, a collaboration with Gangsta Blac with Bill Chill on the chorus, and the infamous TRIPLE B***H MAFIA. Triple B***h Mafia was an immediate success and is to date one of the most controversial songs ever made. It was through the success of that underground tape that caught the attention of the independent recording company Super Sigg Records.

The first album Fly released after signing with Super Sigg Records was Fly S**t which featured such hits as Nappy Hair Gold Teeth, Crownin Me and others. This album featured his own father singing on many of the tracks along with features from other local artists such as Gangsta Blac, Criminal Manne, Icy K, D-A-V, Tay-Dog and Playa Posse.

Several years later, he collaborated once again with Gangsta Blac and Bill Chill on the most successful collaboration by far, the famous Nobody Needs Nobody on the 1998 sophomore album, Movin On. It was on this album that Fly began to express more about growing up in South Memphis, and South Parkway, learning the ways of the streets and his love for street drugs. Sadly, Fly’s father died before the project could be completed. The following year, Fly re-released the underground album as a major project under Diamond Productions. The album included the bonus track F**k A Wanna Be and was the only music video made from the album.

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