David Banner Talks Similarities of Cops Killing Black Men & Black-On-Black Crime (VIDEO)

David Banner on blacks killing blacks and cops killing blacks

Mississippi rapper David Banner has weighed in on the police shooting of the 18 year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

David Banner appeared on CNN with host Don Lemon asking the rapper, actor and activist questions in the wake of the shooting of Brown.

Banner addressed a statement that he had made over Twitter which read, “black kids kill black kids for the same reason cops do. They see no value.”

David Banner went on to explain his Twitter post saying that white cops kill black men because they don’t see any value and black men kill each other because they too don’t see any value either.

Banner went on to further speak on the topic as well as address America’s history of torturing, killing and enslaving black people.

Watch David Banner on CNN speaking on raising black children in America.

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