Juicy J, DJ Paul Sued For Copyright Infringement of Three 6 Mafia Song Samples

Juicy J and DJ Paul sued by record executive Reggie Boyland for using 8Ball and MJG samples

A record label executive has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Juicy J and DJ Paul over samples used by the Oscar winning Three 6 Mafia group.

Mentioned in the lawsuit are also label businesses Select-O-Hits, S.A.T. Entertainment Music and Scale-A-Thon Entertainment.

According to Billboard, the lawsuit was filed by Reggie Boyland of On The Strength Records and Bank Bag Publishing for copyright infringement.

Boyland is accusing Three 6 Mafia of infringing copyrights filed by him for two songs Pimps In The House and Listen to the Lyrics, which both Memphis rap duo 8Ball & MJG performed and wrote.

Reportedly, 8Ball & MJG themselves seem not to be involved in the case in anyway although they wrote and performed the songs mentioned in the lawsuit.

Boyland claims that Three 6 Mafia’s song “Where Da Bud At” sampled “Listen To The Lyrics” and their third album “Chapter 2 World Domination” sampled “Pimps In The House.”

Boyland is reportedly seeking an unspecified amount for damages as well as an injunction preventing Three 6 Mafia and any of the other defendants from selling the alleged infringed works.

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