Terrell Owens’ Wife Wants Divorce After 2 Wks of Marriage, ‘He Married Me For My Money’

Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider secretly marries, divorcing after 2 weeks

Terrell Owens’ wife Rachel Snider is reportedly wanting a divorce from their marriage which is just two weeks following their reported secret wedding.

On January 23rd, Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider reportedly got married in a secret wedding in California.

Now just a couple weeks later, TMZ Sports reports that Rachel Snider, a postal worker, plans to file for a divorce claiming that Owens was only after her money.

The couple reportedly had an ongoing secret love and relationship for 5 years but now Snider claims she feels betrayed and heartbroken.

“I married him for love,” Snider says to TMZ Sports, adding that she tried to help him but claims Terrell Owens may have only been using her to get a loan for a $2 million dollar home.

We’ve heard Snider’s side so far, meanwhile, Terrell Owens remains mum regarding the marriage and the divorce news.

Despite this news, a Twitter account, believed to be that of Snider, posted the following message on Friday along with several other messages that read contradictive to the divorce news.

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