Kendrick Lamar Breaks Silence, Speaks On “Control” Verse Responses

Kendrick Lamar - King of New York - Control

Since causing so much controversy in hip-hop, rapper Kendrick Lamar has finally spoken on his “Control” verse and his claim of King of New York.

There’s been plenty of responses since Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, which name-dropped multiple hip hop artist such as A$AP Rocky, Drake, J-Cole, and others.

Now the rapper himself has broken the silence on the responses to his controversial rap verse on the Big Sean track.

First the rapper spoke to Power 106 L.A., then later with Rosenberg on Hot 97 Morning Show. Kendrick revealed that he “honestly didn’t know” it would be “so much speculation” adding that he “just wanted to rap.”

“If anybody knows me doing music, I want to just rap.”

Regarding his claim of King of New York in his lyrics, the rapper feels that it was a case of him trying to “dumb down his lyrics a bit.”

Kendrick Larmar’s First Response To “Control” Verse

Kendrick Lamar Talks to Rosenberg In Depth about “Control”

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