Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J, Joseline Got Married + Her New Music Video ‘Shotz’

Stevie J Joseline married

Have celebrity hip hop couple Stevie J and Joseline, of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, gotten married?! Joseline did propose to Stevie J and ask for his hand in marriage on the final season episode.

Well, according to rumors and reports, the two Stevie J, real name Steven Jordan and Joseline, real name Joseline Hernandez are already Mr and Mrs Jordan, making Joseline now Joseline Hernandez-Jordan.

Stevie J even confirmed that he and Joseline are already married, likely in a private wedding ceremony, on his Twitter.

The married couple is now reportedly working on their own reality TV show dedicated to the reality of their new life as husband and wife and their careers, him as a record producer and her as a music artist, model and inspiring actress.

Speaking of Joseline as a music artist, the female MC has recently released a new music video debut for her newest hip hop music single entitled "Shotz," which takes her back to her roots in Puetro Rico.

The video shows visuals of Joseline's life transitioning from being an exotic dancer to a reality television star and music artist.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the new couple, check out Joseline's new music video.

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