Caught On Tape: Bulgarian Politician Almost Assassinated On TV But Gun Jams (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Bulgarian Politician Wtih Gun To Head

A Bulgarian politician is fortunate to still be alive today after a seemingly crazed man aimed a gun to the politician’s head at point blank range and tried to fire off shots.

The whole incident was caught on videotape, as Ahmed Dogan, the head of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms party, was shocked to turn to find a man on stage with him pointing a gun to his head.

In the video, the man now identified as Oktay Enimehmedov, can be seen walking up to Dogan and pulling the trigger but the gun did not fire and was seemingly jammed.

Dogan can then be seen lunging at the man, who then freely walked the stage, for only a split second, as he plummeted after being tackled by security and other men in attendance, who angrily launched their own attack on the gunman.

Reportedly Oktay Enimehmedov says he meant to teach the politician “a lesson” and expected to be killed himself during his attempt.

The gunman allegedly left Dogan, who is a leading member of Bulgaria’s Turkish minority, a letter claiming he wanted to show him that he was not “untouchable.”

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