Memphis Mother Gives Birth To Fourth Cocaine-Addicted Baby In Five Years

Photo mugshot of Juanita Hardin, Memphis woman with four drug addicted babies

A Memphis woman has given birth to her fourth drug addicted baby in less than five years, all her babies were reportedly born addicted to cocaine.

WREG reports that prosecutors say Memphis mother Juanita Hardin has given birth to four drug addicted babies since 2007.

Hardin’s baby tested positive for cocaine at delivery.

Although this may be a very shocking story, Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich claims this is not an uncommon story.

Weirich says drug addicted babies are born everyday in Shelby County.

A program by the name of Born Addicted is trying to do something about it and they are evaluating whether Hardin qualifies or not for the program.

The Born Addicted program is for women who want to change.

The program places them in a residential drug treatment for up to six months, then transitions them to a half-way house.

If the women do well, they get help reuniting with their children.

Juanita Hardin, 39, has been charged with reckless endangerment and has a court date set for January 22. Her children are currently in the custody of the state.

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