Dead 2 Yr Old Boy Wakes Up At His Funeral, Asks Daddy For Water, Dies Again

Family of Brazil boy Kelvin Santos

Cannibal attacks in the nation have lead to zombie apocalypse talk, meanwhile, over in Brazil, a two year old boy was declared dead at 7:40PM on Friday but sat up from his coffin at his funeral on Saturday and asked his daddy for some water, before he died again.

Kelvin Santos, the two year old, died on Friday after he stopped breathing at Aberlardo Santos Hospital in Belem, northern Brazil during his treatment for pneumonia.

The child’s lifeless body was then reportedly placed in a plastic bag and given to his family for proper burial.

Santos’ funeral was scheduled for Saturday.

On the day of Kelvin Santos’s wake, his father Antonio Santos reportedly held his son and asked him to ‘come back to daddy.’

Apparently, just hours later, little Kelvin awoke from his coffin at 3pm, one hour before his funeral and said ‘daddy, give me water.’

At this point, people started screaming, and obvious reaction from the attendees was ‘it’s a miracle’ for the boy to come back to life and rise from the dead.

Unfortunately though, those would be the last words Kelvin would speak as he laid back down lifeless in the coffin and could not be woke again.

Obviously, at this point, doctors reexamined Kelvin Santos but were reportedly ‘mystified’ and could only confirm that Kelvin showed no signs of life.

The child’s shocked but hopeful family was again devastated by the loss again of their baby boy.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating, and so is father Santos, who is convinced of medical malpractice and says “dead people don’t just wake up and talk,” so he has vowed to “find out the truth”.

The family has even held protests in front of Abelardo Santos Hospital, as seen in pictures on Brazilian news website ORM.

Brazil boy Kelvin Santos protest, wakes after declared dead, dies again
Brazil boy Kelvin Santos protest, wakes after declared dead by Aberlardo Santos hospital, dies again

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