Memphis Dog, With Container Stuck On Her Head, Rescued

Photo of Memphis dog with container on head before rescue

This is a touching story for those with pets they love. A Memphis dog was spotted near the wooded area off I-40 and the Raleigh Jackson Avenue exit with a plastic container stuck on her head.

Beth Gresham spotted the dog and attempted to rescue the poor animal but she was scared and ran away back into the woods, but not before Gresham snapped this picture.

Following the picture being posted on Facebook and on WREG, a group of over a dozen people set out to find the dog, who had only a short time before the container would possibly be her death.

See, with the container on the dog’s head, the dog could not eat or drink or even protect herself from possible attack of another animal.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending, as the dog was reported found on Saturday evening, and has since had the container removed by a veterinarian.

At this time, there is no explanation as to how the dog ended up with the container on her head and if it purposely or accidentally ended up there.
Photo of Memphis dog with container on head before rescue

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