Entertainers, Support your Supporters

I don’t actually be on Myspace…” These are the words of John Legend during an interview for Myspace. (And if you don’t believe me-check out my profile: It’s a video of this very interview on there; http://Myspace.com/bone14u).

Now, I must admit and agree that times do get kinda hectic for our entertainers, but we ‘ordinary’ folk have hectic schedules as well; but yet instill we make time to go through and hit pages of our most revered artists/entertainers. But when we do go through and show some love…we don’t get any back, ya know?!!!

I give Big Ups for those who do take the time to post ‘general’ messages/posts and/or bulletins for everyone to receive a “Thanks For The Support”…but then there are those few who never touch their sites, nor do they even know what they look like!! These few I wish to scorn.

After I heard John Legend say this [I don’t even know] as a response to a question concerning his TOP Friends on Myspace, I had all intentions to take him from my friends list (although he did get demoted). It’s one thing to be super busy, which I can understand, but to be just out right “not interested’ in the people who make you who you are-is just plain rude, ya know!!!!

I’ll have more on this topic, so be on the lookout!


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